Two Dealers told me that 2002WR450 Available In August

I don’t know if I should believe this or not. I paid a deposit for a new WR450 last week. The dealer told me that it should be on the floor by Late August or early September. Since then, I have been reading various posts that the new WR will not be available until December. I decided to call a dealership here in Southern California. I asked them when they would have the new wr450'S. The reply was "August".

What has everyone here heard from an actual dealer?


Sorry, I meant 2003 WR450's

That all depends on who you talk to. I called two Yamaha dealers here in Boise and three in Salt Lake City, Utah. The majority said November/December timeframe. A couple of them said August but I think they may have the WR confused with the YZF. If mine shows up in August, I will be pleasantly suprised. Realistically I expect it to show up for Christmas.

My dealer in central FL told me release date is Dec. but bikes should be in late Oct,early Nov. YZ expected ANY day. No prices yet of course, retail is known their cost is suposedly still a mystery.

A couple of them said August but I think they may have the WR confused with the YZF.

I suspected the same. I asked them if they were sure that they were not talking about the YZ and they said no, the WR.

I guess I could cross my fingers. Who knows, maybe Yamaha set a date of December so that they don’t over commit to the public and just happened to get them out ahead of schedule. A little wishful thinking never hurt anybody.

2 dealers in Md. (including the one I ordered the WR450F from) thought Aug/Sept (but not definite) so it's still a big "who knows"...

The dealer that I paid my deposit to said exactly the same to me, August or September. The dealer that I called for a second opinion told me that they are definitely expecting theirs anytime from now Through August.

They have to be here yz and wr way before christmas, I would say End of Aug or by end of Sept.

Yamaha is no dummy they know the Christmas sales will go through the roof, I would say there stocking the wearhouses, with parts and all the rest of the goodies

The avail date seems to be the same as what ScottyR indicates for Western Canada. What price have you been quoted? '03 WR450F $8049 CAD or $5220 USD @1.542 (todays exchange). The retail price was $8299 CAD or $5337 USD.

I just emailed a Yamaha dealer in B.C. Canada and he also said August.

I just got off the phone with one of the biggest Yammy dealers in Canada and he told me January for the 03 WR450s. The YZs will be out in Sept for sure.

I have 3 WR's on order (Dad,Bro and me) and my dealer told us December. He said that the YZF's will be out in September. Also he claims that their will be limited numbers on the WR's, so get your orders in. I don't disagree with anyones statements, im sure were all being told different things by different dealers..(sooner would be better)

Dan :)

Hey Thumpin' Canuck,

The US Yamaha spec sheet stated $6,399 USD for the 03 WR450F. It must be nice to pay $5,337 USD in Canada! :)

Originally posted by av:

Hey Thumpin' Canuck,

The US Yamaha spec sheet stated $6,399 USD for the 03 WR450F. It must be nice to pay $5,337 USD in Canada! :)

hell that is what i am going to do when the time comes. I will buy canadian. Cheaper and less restrictive. Oh hell yea. Got that advise from a riding buddy banffboy

I was suprised to see that my local dealership was only alotted three WR450's for 2003. I guess the rumors about limited production are true. Get your money down quick guys. The dealer confirmed on his sales information sheet that delivery would be October/November time frame.

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Never ever believe any dealer who tells a tale of limited supply.The 02 crf was supposed to be a real limited supply. Guys are still buying the last ones as the 03 is already at some dealers.All your doing by putting down a deposit is guaranteeing that you pay their price and that you have no bargaining power.Never give them a penny up front and for sure you can shop for the best deal when they really do come out.Can anyone name a bike that they could not buy because they could not find one after the release date? Every motorcycle salesperson I ever met is either a liar or got fired.

Well said maui. And if there not a liar or fired, they used to do something else and their just selling bikes till they get back into their old job. Get the best deal you can. And if you have good credit get a personal loan and bring a cashiers check up to canada and get a real good deal. (cashiers check would work wouldnt it?)

hey maui I bet they love you at your local dealership ALL sales poeple liars? I spent 7 years on retail floors and 4 as a district sale manager for suzuki. Almost all the sales folks I knew where there because they love the sport.I did however meet a couple of customers who could spin a tall tale or two. Wr on order nov. dec. release date

Right on Rocky!!

Your a salesman like you said Rocky so everyone believes you right?Wrong!People are in sales to make money.We should do a poll to find out how many people have been lied to.Limited supply is always a lie isnt it?

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