Oil filter change: why take exhaust pipe off?

I just bought a used 2002 WR426 (only 55 miles, never even been muddy). I did my first oil change and followed the instructions in the service manual. I was confused to read that the manual said to remove the exhaust pipe. I got the oil filter cover and oil filter out fine without removing the exhaust pipe. What's up with this?

That was required only on pre 2001 models. Or was it pre 2000? Not sure exactly but I know my '01 deosn't require header removal either, but the manual says to. They just forgot to take that step out I guess....

Well bro., in the previous models of WR, the header pipe is in the way. One of the bolt is block by the header pipe. That is why we need to remove/loosen the header pipe.

I always loosen the header pipe instead of removing the whole header pipe. :)

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