Best After market Fuel Tank for an 03 wr450

I want a new tank for my 03 WR450 and wanted to tap into to all you riding junkies. My stock tank is fine. I just want a little for fuel for Desert rides. Any opinions? I have heard mixed opinion about IMS. Post up your comments! Thanks!

got a clark 3.2 on my 05 wr450.not as fat as an ims and doesn't stick up like a nut buster. i can go 90+ miles on trails and 75 in the desert when it's sandy and i use a ton more throttle.good fit too.can't use my radiator braces though.i like a clear tank to monitor fuel level.:thinking:

Your stock tank holds 2.64 gals.+ .32 gals. reserve = 2.96 gals. total. I put an Acerbis 3.3 gal. tank on both my 2003 and 2006 steel framed WR450's. The Acerbis tank fits perfect, is narrow, comfortable to slide up on, will require the purchase of YZ Radiator Shrouds and will accept the WR seat. Current retail cost is $239.95, so shop around. The Yamaha GYT-R tank, if still available, was manufactured by Acerbis for Yamaha and was identical to the Acerbis in every way, except price. The GYT-R tank was more expensive.

The IMS tank for the steel framed Yamaha WR450F's is too wide and has a problem in that they hang down very low on the right-hand side, placing the fuel line and the bottom of the tank VERY close to the exhaust pipe. There were people who saw their expensive motorcycles reduced to ashes, when the tank or fuel line melted and leaking fuel ignited. A friend of mine buried what was left of his 2005 WR in the forest of Northern Baja California, Mexico after just such an occurrence. Another friend with an IMS tank on his WR450F had all of the fuel leak out of a melted fuel line, leaving him a long way from home and out of gas. Fortunately there was no fire. The IMS tank is a bad idea for your bike.

Sounds like the Clark or Aceribis over the IMS for sure. Thanks for the heads up. Do you need to purchase new YZ shrouds for the clark tank as well?

I have an 03. Currently using the stock tank. I dont like the fuel line set up for the IMS.

Is there a heat insulator available for the tank to around the bottom of the tank so it wont boil the fuel.

After reading this, not sure I want to put on the IMS tank. It came with the bike when I bought it. But did not like the fuel line set up as I mentioned.

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