2008 Wr450

Yeah the aftermarket pipe is mandatory for me...rode my buddies CRF450 which has a yosh pipe and it is just plain fun when you grab the throttle and that thing barks at ya!

Has anyone compared the GYTR gains to the FMF gains? Sound difference?

Hey the number 1 problem/complaint of off road motorcycle is the NOISE!

My point you do not need a pipe to go faster. It about making the bike work and finsh in one piece. Riding areas are getting shut down because of noise and reckless riding etc........I would like a pipe, it would help with the torque and rideability. If i only rode on the track i would buy one. I ride a multi use area with mt bikers, dogs, hikers etc. I do not want piss off the wrong peson with my loud motorcycle. Just my opinion.

I definitely agree that we do not want to piss people off, though the places I go I am not sure it will be a problem. I try and stay away from areas where peds, dogs, etc go. I try and stay to OHV parks and some small track time. I also went with a dB "legal" pipe that will still also help out the bike.

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