YZ450 Plastic conversion for YZ426. what year 450?

I plan on doing the YZ450 plastic conversion on my YZ426 here in the next couple weeks. I am lookin around for parts and am just wondering what year bike I should use?

Thanks, Nick

You need the plastics, etc., for an '03/'05 YZ450. The later stuff for the aluminum framed models will not fit.

Is this conversion worth the money? What difference would I see in the bike?

It looks different, the seat is flatter front to back, the air filter is a little easier to service, and you can more readily find graphics for the '03 plastics than the '02.

Worth it? You decide.

Does the new front fender on the aluminum framed bikes fit the triple clamps on the 426?

Yes, but it doesn't match up with the older front number plate. I believe the newer one either fits or can be made to.

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