yamaha dummy...me

I presently own a DRZ 400E, I liked it because when I boght it in 2000 I used to watch all the yamaha riders on the "F's" kick and kick and kick...BUT, I found I was really uncomfortable on the bike, it was vary tall, etc...I just sat on a 2003 "WR250" and 2003 YZF450...did I say NICE..user friendly for a novice!...MY question is, what are you guys talking about when you cut the throttle stop..snorkle..etc...I ask since the california "decible" law that went into effect Jan 1st"..how will these mods effect the sound of the bike with stock exhaust..please help the unknowing!!!!!!! oh! would I better off with the 250f or should I step up to the plate and get the 450F..I used to ride when I was younger...but out of practice,,and shape too..will change that for 2003...sargebob

the power on the 450 isn't drastic. meaning you're not gonna be thrown off the bike when you crack the gas. it just pulls and pulls and pulls.

There are somethings that will directly and drastically affect the noise of the bike... The throttle stop will not... the grey or blue wires will not, and the removal of the airbox snorkel only really increases the intake noise, perhaps a little bit of exhaust noise.

Removing the baffle in the exhaust will give you a big jump in noise when they are doing sound checks...

The 250 has plenty of power, so unless you are a big guy, or really want a massive amount of grunt, then the 250 would be a fine machine for you... But then the 450 has lost it's midrange hit and is now just fast everywhere...

Depends on your riding style, and your weight etc...

A DRZ would be better compared to a warmed over XR... The WR and YZ are straightout racing machines... They are the next level up...



ok, thank you. So I take it on your opinion, that besides weight difference, and seat highth, no drastic changes between the DRZ(which I have now) to the WR450f(the one I am looking at)

ok, thank you to you too. I understand. I am back to toddler stage in riding..LOL I have to learn all over again! Do not worry, I am having fun doing it. I am 6' and 230. and a fast learner. Am moving to a better riding area..just outside of Hungry Vally OHV park. What could be better!!!!!???????? :)

You know,

After riding my 2001 426f, the drz feels sleepy so you can imagine what the 450f is like. My yam revs more, has much more power and a much better suspension than the DRZ. It is also lighter. Now that there is the auto decomp (not even talking about the E starter) there is no match against the yam 450f considering your height and weight to my humble opinion.

The big KTMs (450 exc in particular) are also a good choice I think but personally, I prefer the high revoltion of the yams.

Just my 0.02$

in a simple word to your message...AWSSSSSOOOOOOOME!...ok..I have a chubby ..have to chase down a new 450!!!!

You know, I don't want to exagerate anything because there are some good things and bad things in every bike.

For example, most of the two smokers, where I live, tell me that this bike is too much high technology just to get lost in the woods.

But since you want to take care of your bike decently, I think this arguement does not hold the line. They also get totally mad when I quit the wood and reach the 85 miles/hour on the highway...

The thing that makes me happy with my bike is that I will probably never reach half the limits of the bike even if it is still stock (I only rejeted it).

In one of my last ride last year, I was with two buddies: one with a 99' xr400r and one with a 2001 drz400 and we've ridden each other's bikes. We've been timing ourselves on different sections of different trails. Each guy found himself to be faster on my 426 than on any of the other 2 bikes no matter what the trail looked like. And we are talking about the 426, not the 450.

I never had the opportunity to compare my bike to a big pumpkin but I'm anxious to do it.

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