09 WR450 Problem

Hey all i was on a ride this weekend and just at the end of the ride i noticed something really strange

When i was done riding i went to put the bike on the trailer and i seen what looked liked dirt on the back left shroud i wiped it off and it was oil/gas and i took a closer look and it was dripping oil/gas from the air filter box i opened it up and the air filter box was full of oil/gas

so i started the bike and i could see it spraying out not alot but i could see it spraying just alittle

i took the bike to the shop and the cleaned it all up and stuff and it wasnt doing it for them but they could see there was oil/gas in the filter box now they went over the bike and said nothing wrong with the bike

i asked what could do that and they said possible to much oil could to much oil do that ?

has anybody ever heard of this happening and if so what was the problem

Also its not hurting the performance of the bike its still goes fast as hell


Definately sounds like to much oil. The crankcase vents into the airbox, if theres to much oil it will spew out in the box. Also, if you have a hard spill, and a high amount of oil, some could spew into the box. Check your oil after it has been warmed up, it should not be above the criss-cross marks on the dipstick.

mines an 07 and i had the same thing happen, defenitly overfilled. read the book carfully. i dint get it right till the third oil change. its a funny thing cuz my daughters ttr 90 does the samething when she dumps it

As above, follow the directions in the manual and you shouldn't have any dramas. I've done well over a dozen oil changes on mine (all with changed filter) and haven't had an issue. Just make sure you properly drain the old oil and (if you're replacing the filter) you should have no dramas by putting in exactly one litre of oil. Each time i've done this the level has been perfect. Never had the oil in the airbox doing this.

Making sure you open the dipstick before draining will help avoid this... the oil resevoir will not drain unless you break the vacuum in the resevoir by pulling the dipstick out..

do a search here in this forum for "oil in airbox", you'll get more than couple threads covering the subject.

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