IMS 3.1 tank, Black or Natural?

Okay, so I'm having a hard time deciding. I really like the look of a white tank on the WR, but I'm afraid of the natural turning that nasty brown like my old KTM's did. Even IMS's website said the tank would eventually turn colors, so I'm thinking of staying with the black. How long does the IMS natural last before it turns colors?


1 yr. max.

If you are racing, go with the natural even after a year and a half I can still see my fuel level at race pace...

If your not racing, go with the black..

I would agree. If all I did was race, I would go natural. I only do a race every once in while and mostly trail ride. I hate the natural ugly color that always developes, so I went with a blue one. Having done this, I would go black next time.

What about the Clarke White tank, they offer both a white and natural. I would assume the color would hold up better on the more solid white, or would it eventually turn?

I went black on mine. Didn't want the nasty look of the natural after a couple seasons.

I went with the Clarke in black, to match the factory look on my 2008 WR. Very nice tank. If you didn't know it was an aftermarket tank you would not be able to tell it from the stock tank, yet it holds 3.5 gals. Natural will look nasty after awhile.

I think I'm going to try the Clarke in White, and hope it doesn't change like the natural does. I remember the ol' XR white tanks would hold up good, you can't see the fuel through the solid white, but it sure looks sexy.

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