what Pipe to go with?

WR 426 What pipe do I go with?? DR. D, FMF, or White brothers???

I had a White Brothers header with an E-series pipe, it worked great but was very loud with 12 disks in. I just switched to the FMF powerbomb and Q-pipe, love it. Sounds like my brothers 520 EXC. Eric

If you want lots of POWER go with DSP. It's loud but power gains across the board. A true race exaust.

comp182 -

I have a DSP and it makes great power accross the powerband (hey Tim Ferry runs one!) and it has a removable spark arrestor screen. I'm riding my bike on the street now with Supermotard wheels and it's too loud for the street so I need to get something quiet. Are you interested in buying my DSP? It's in mint condition, not a ding on it anywhere.

If you're interested, my email is


FMF Titanium 4 :D By far the best pipe I have ever bought. Looks and peforms great! :)

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