starting problems

ok, flooded my bike and could not start it, so with this site it was recommended that i change the plug and check for a spark in the usual way, but i cant see a spark at all, anybody got any ideas what the problems could be? Before flooding the bike, she would start second kick every time , cheers

No spark?? Did you change the plug? If you did, then the plug cap might be loose. If not, and you're using the old plug, it may be fouled to the point where there's no gap for a spark to jump.

well there was a loose lead so we have a spark now, but still cant start her, its wierd as she started great before, thinking of having to take her to be fixed, but thought i could sort it, any pointers would be great

If I flood my yz450f by accident heres my procedure. First shut the fuel off. Lay the bike all the way over and touch the handle bar to the ground. I usually kneal down with the bike on top of me.This will drain the carb as fuel dumps on the ground. Stand the bike upright and kick it over 5 times but do not touch the throttle! Turn the fuel back on and full choke if its cold and rekick. Again do not touch the throttle! This has got me going every time I flooded my 250F or 450F by accident.

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