Grey wire Mod

I've done all the jetting on my 450, except the starter jet and grey wire disconnect. I have two questions, what is the stock size of the starter jet? and has any body changed thier jetting then run the bike before changing the starter jet to see if it really makes a differance? cause my bike starts pretty easy now. and also have we confrimed what the grey wire does, and has anyone disconnected it rode the bike and connected it back again to see if it makes a differance after they jetted? Since were doing this stuff all at the same time, I'am wondering if some of this really makes a differance. O.K. so it was more than two questions.

From factory starter jet is a #65. You can find the carb information and specs on page 2-8 of your owners manual. :)

I put a Pro Circuit TI-4 on today,cut the trottle stop,rejetted main and pilot jets and this thing has VERY good power, Way more than I'll need for woods racing most of the time. So I'm wondering about the grey wire mod for the wr 450 also. I've got a 70 start jet on order.

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