WRF vs. YZF: difference in seat foam and spring coil material

I just added a brand new WR450F to my extensive Yamaha family and completed the first 100 km on it. I uncorked it and it is really a great Enduro Bike. My last bike was (is) a 2006 YZ250F, that I used for enduro purpose, I really liked (prefer) the plushness of my YZ250F suspension, very good, specially the rear. My new WR450F is very harsh (even releasing the compression clicks), both the seat and rear shock. I realize that the rear suspension still needs to be broken in, but question whether it reach the level of my YZF '06? I disassembled the link of the WRF '08 and greased it (was quite dry indeed).

It seems that the 2006 YZ seat is much more gelly and really has an elastic feel although it has already 70 hours on it. (I compered it to other WRFs of friends too) Now, I will sell the YZ250F soon yet wondered whether I should swap the seat (as a whole) or just the foam. Is the seat material (foam quality and or density) used in the WRF '08 different than the YZF '06. Does anybody on this forum knows?

Another thing is the rearshock. The YZF '06 has a Titanium coil wheras the WRF '08 comes in steel. I prefer the plusshy '06 YZF feel . Should I chance the rearshock? Or just the coil? Is it interchangable? Other than some minor weight difference between Titanium and Steel is there any other difference? Or should I put more milage on my WRF and the bike will become as good as or better? The WRF has a PINK dot on the spring, I have to check the YZF spring rate still to see if any major difference is there still). Your coments are really appreciated!

the seats don't just swap . you could swap the foam and cover but is it worth all the effort ?

the suspension

Yes you can swap the spring or the whole rear shock . if they are both alloy framed bikes . If it were mine I'd swap the forks and front wheel too , then pop on a vapor for a speedo if you want a speedo . All of the yz suspension is better . just slide the tubes out of the triples .

OK thanks, so it seems that the base of the YZF is different from the WRF, (due to battery?). I really like the '06 YZ foam better so I will make the SWAP of foam and cover. Anyone any hints how to do that best?

I have a complete Ohlins front set which I will place in the WRF, nothing better than that stuff for Enduro Riding.

The YZ250F '06 and WR450F '08 both have an alluminium frame. Does anybody else recommend me to simply swap the whole rear shock? I just ask, because I never serviced the YZF shock yet (70 hours enduro riding) and the WRF shock is brand new.

The front wheel I will not touch. The digital enduro computer that Yamaha has is good enough for me, wont touch that. But want to get the best out of my suspension .

I really like the '06 YZ foam better so I will make the SWAP of foam and cover. Anyone any hints how to do that best?

GUTS racing has an extensive collection of seat foam, heights and densities as well as covers.

I have used them for years on all my WR's with only one disappointment. They changed the mat'l their "hardcore gripper" cover was made of in 07' and now it fails pretty early... if you go with GUTS use their "competition" cover, it's a good durable cover:thumbsup:

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