I have a Arai motocross helmet that is in good condition but 18 years old. It has never had a hard impact and the liner is in great shape. It still fits great. I know the best thing is to replace it but is it still safe?

IMHO, that depends on the value you place on you brain matter.

Good question. I think a call to any helmet manufacture would be in order. Also the answer posted here at TT.

It has been my understanding from many years ago. A helmet should be replaced after any hard impact, heavy scratch or ding. Any of these comprimise the helmets ability to absorb impact or stay in tact.

I don't know if age has any effect, styrofoam has the shelf life of nuclear waste :) I would also guess helmet safety standards have risen in the last 18 years.

Try a HJC, inexpensive, fits well, good looking, all the approvals...........

Let us know!


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