WR450F dry weight??

I can't seem to find the stock dry weight of the new blue machine. Does anyone know? How about where to look? I've found the YZ450F 221 lbs dry. Obviously different from the WR. I'm still savin' $$$ for a bike. The new target is the WR450F.

"wet" weight same as last year's 426........around 268lbs

He asked for dry weight not wet weight. Yamaha is not talking about it so far. With the new electric start etc and so on who knows. I'm on the prowl myself. Let's see who finds out first! :):D

mike C what the hell good is dry weight anyway. you never have your bike at dry weight except for shipping purposes i would say.

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mike C what the hell good is dry weight anyway. you never have your bike at dry weight except for shipping purposes i would say.

He probably wants to know for the same reason I do. So we can compare apples to apples.

I just happen to be looking at these weights lately - shopping for a bike (all in dry weight from Yamaha's specs from dealer)...

02 YZ250 217 lbs (2 stroke)

02 YZ250F N/A - 03 208 lbs

02 WR250F (unofficially 234 lbs from dealer/tech)

03 WR250F N/A, but is supposed to be lighter!

02 YZ426F 230 lbs - 03 YZ450F 222 lbs

The literature is boasting a 10+ lbs saving (probably from the sales people), but as we can see, it's only 8 lbs according to the specs (probably written from engineering).

02 WR426F 240 lbs - 03 WR450F is supposed to be lighter even with the magic button according to the literature - they did a lot of weight trimming and suspension tuning for the 03.

Other noticeable 03 WR450F improvements (from memory): From the literature/picture, it looks like the air filter is accessable from the left side now with no tools - this is good for people who keeps the cap on and potentially bad for those who takes the air cap off since it is closer to the elements. The kick start has automatic compression release. The hot-start compression release is a lever on the handle bar and the clutch has the big easy-adjuster while the brake is also easily adjustable. The header & pipe are titanium and the muffler is stainless steel. Engine components are lighter. Brakes are new/stronger and lighter (the rear brake's remote oil resevoir is gone). Engine protective walls are thinner/lighter. The skid/engine protective plates are now half plastic and half aluminum (more weight saving) - and of course everyone's favorite, the electric starter (this will make it easier to convert to street if need be since it now has a battery).

If the YZ426F went from 230 to 222 lbs, I'm hoping the WR426->450F will have a similar weight loss.

For wet weight, lets say 1 gal = ~8lbs + oil + antifreeze = roughly ~25-30 lbs for a 2 gal tank.

03 WR450F on order - I can live with ~270 lbs wet! :)

Did I not say 268 wet. I could care less about dry weight. I mean wouldn't you want to know the weight of what your actually riding?!

I agree, wet weight is more practical to compare but all the sales hype is documented as dry weight. So, as stated above, I'm just looking for dry to do a fair comparison. If someone was to find comparable wet weights yeepah!! Send it on.

Thanks, Thumpin' Canuck

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