450 Street legal pics

My 450 is street legal.

Here are some pics (more work to be done.) Such as:

Add carbon fibre decal under front Turn sigs


Add litn boltz for plate illumination.


Reposition 450 decal and install rear Turn sig


get rid of horn switch (rewire in main switch, add Endurance speedo/computer, add Ram GPS mount.


Pic of handguard and Turn sig installation.


Make special swing arm decal (this will have Yam tuning forks on it , glossy deep blue field, shaped and sized.


Example homemade decal (Black Diamond Trail Riders.


Nice pics Jim, Looks like you've been busy. Thanks alot for the carb access post. It made rejetting today a lot easier. It looks like you have a great ride!

Jimmy, Very nice!!!!!!!

jim, is that a homemade exhaust insert, or something from the aftermarket ?


Mine will be street leagal as well (bare min)Just for enduro's and MCCCT routes. You really went all out nice job! Blue by you? Just try it mister! :) This is going to be a good year! Hey, I have a set of those rear turn signals left from my sport bike! ----Mike

Mike, we have a group of guys who have been riding together for 4 years now. We have about 20 guys 1/2 bikes and 1/2 4 wheelers. Many 4 wheelers have converted to bikes, and more are planning to. Many of our bikes are newer and we have good to average riders. I know from your previous posts you ride sanctioned enduros. I rode some Enduros MANY years ago. I would like to ask if you could tell me where I can get info on Michigan enduros, especially those you participate in. Some of our guys might want to get involved. If you get all the bike,AMA,entrance fees,etc things taken care of, will they allow you to bring up the rear and participate in the ride etc. Years ago if we took a couple of fellows with us that were very inexperienced they allowed that. This isn't because we don't know where to ride, we have ran many upper lower peninsula trails and continue to plan out more. Our riding is faily fast for our abilities, but nothing like a bonafide Enduro. I just think it would be a nice change for a core group of our guys. One more crazy idea, I get a feeling your pretty good at this. Wonder if you might want to meet a group (5) of us sometime and help us with technique and advanced bike setup.

It's an older Baja Designs, or Four Strokes Only design. It came in black and I painted it. I used it on my 426 and it would just meet the 94db requirement. Though I rode the 426 mostly full open I did use it for special rides without very much loss of performance. I don't know if you have ridden yours with the stinger removed yet. When I rode mine I felt it was much louder than the 426. My friend rode it a I was amazed how loud it was when you weren't on it. So I use this baffle around where I live. I have all the test equipment now to check sound levels and I want to see if I can get it to 94db on the 450 with some modifications.


Jim, I am riding D 14 enduro's this year. I feel fast enough on the bike to win my class, but as you know there is more to it than just being fast. I can however help you with bike setup, espeacially suspension. I can help you get the bike's clicked in. I have a friend who own's Shock Thearapy. He does suspension on bikes and sleds. I am sure I can get him to come along as well. He will not push suspension work on you guys either. He will however help get you guys clicked in preload fine tuned and help you with spring selection if needed. Once we get you dialed in you will be much happier with the bike. He can also explain what can be done with revalveing so if you ever decide to go that route you know what can be done. To many times guys send there stuff off only to find out that they did not get exactly what they wanted. While I am no Randy Hawkin's (yet :)!) I can help you with some solid skills that will help you pick up the pace a bit. How much I can help will depend on your skill levels. You probly have very good skills riding for that long. You just need someone to help pick up the pace that one notch, so you can follow and learn. That is how I learn. I am 31 years old and have been riding since I was three. I have been riding woods a long time and have been working very hard the last 6 years at getting fast enough to be competitive enough to do well in enduro's. Well, this year I am trying to hit them all if money allows. I would be happy to help all I can. I ride or race every weekend. So I usually ride more often than I can get people to ride with. I will also have my WR sprung and revalved by riding season so you will be able to ride it and see how it feels. Obviosly there is rider preference but that will help you to know what you are looking for when clicking your bike in.

I am sure they will let some guys ride and help sweep the trails for riders. Look up AMA District 14 Enduro or email me and I will send a link. I lost your email when my computer crashed. I ride any tight trails I can find. I like sandtown in the UP a lot. I ride Wolverine a lot. West Higgins lake is a lot of fun and it is fairly close. Frediric was great until they logged it out. We have a cabin in Lupton (Rose City) area. So I ride around there a bit. I tend to go where it is to tight for quads as that is more enduro type trail. ---Mike msg-law@msn.com

for a few years...dis. 14 had what they called an X class.

it was started to try to get more ppl. riding enduros.

ppl. in the X class left after all the other class riders.

kind of let ppl. get an idea of what enduros are all about.

i'm not sure if they still do this or not though.


Good looking bike. With the street legal stuff did you go with an electric horn and high beam on the headlight? If so any suggestions on how to do it. Thanks.

Jim, your bike looks beautiful! Nice job.

The horn is a self powered 12 volt hi volume electronic horn sold by Baja Designs. I have used the vibrator style also which are cheaper. For speedo/odo I use an electronic endurance computerized unit. GPS will be mounted. We do a lot of Michigan single track rides and GPS is a good safety item. I have hi/lo beam and hi beam indicator. The switch handles these items so it isn't a big problem.

If you want most of these items the switch is what makes it easier. You can call Baja and they will fax a wiring diagram for the switch. At some point I'll try to put together a diagram for bikes with batteries. They are the easiest to do. For full blown street goodies your looking at 4-7 hours of work. Not to difficult just slow going.

The bike will look quite different eventually, number plates will be black, more decals, hand guards black, etc.

The horn is a self powered 12 volt hi volume electronic horn sold by Baja Designs. I have used the vibrator style also which are cheaper. For speedo/odo I use an electronic endurance computerized unit. GPS will be mounted. We do a lot of Michigan single track rides and GPS is a good safety item. I have hi/lo beam and hi beam indicator. The switch handles these items so it isn't a big problem.

You need to take this thing out and ride it!! Way too clean. Nice job though. I have a street legal WR426 in Maryland, just moved here from San Diego California. Love the woods riding! You can hit 25-50 miles of fast power line running, and the state and national parks are great for firewood and single track riding. Enjoy!!!!! :)

jim, looks really good...did you get your brake light switch from baja ?

Baja has them, and many local cycle shops have them. Make sure that the one you purchase is for Japanese bikes, and that the bolt head and wire lead out plastic ring protector (red or blue) at the top combined length isn't longer than about 1/2 inch. I still have a lot more to do on the bike to get it where I want it. At this point I feel this is the best bike I have ever ridden. Jim

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