wr 450 or ktm 450exc-w

just wondering if anyone can compare a wr 450 and a new ktm 450 w.i currently ride a yzf 450 , getting ready to buy a new bike.i hear good things about both bikes.

I have ridden YZF's for years and thought that I wanted a off-raod bike so I bought a 05 KTM450exc and while I liked it, the power was to linear and did not have the hit that I wanted. If you do not want any sort of hit, the KTM is great. Also be prepared for a whole different animal when it comes to working in the bike. It has 2 oil filters and 3 drain plugs. Some of the bolts are odd sizes as well as the axle nuts. I am to use to the Japanese bikes and was frustrated working on the KTM so I traded it for an 06 WR450.

i agree with psmith.the ktm is smooooth.a good friend of mine has a 07 ktm 450,really nice bike,but the maintnance and parts are a deal breaker personally.i use to have a wr and it was a little more of an aggresive bike compared to the ktm.i now have a yz450f as well and it really seems to be the best of both worlds for woods riding once set-up right,but man do i sure miss that button on the wr:smirk: stay with the blue bikes:thumbsup:

The only KTM I would consider to replace my trusty WR would be the KTM300.

I currently ride a 03' yz450f, my father has an 07' 525 exc, my friend has an 04' wr450f and my other friend has an 03' 450 exc--and I've riden them all. I recomemend the 525 exc. It does not have the snap of the yz450 but has the torque and pulls like no other. It is a good hybrid of both the wr and yzf. The wr to me doesn't have enough power, guess thats because I'm used to my yz450f. And the ktm 450 exc is just to smooth with little to no pull at all. After all is said and done, I think my next bike will be a ktm. The erogonomics are much better, I love the hydrolic clutch, love the extra gears, and it already comes with better components (i.e. brakes, bars, clutch, etc.). I am a mechanic so I don't find the extra oil filter and different sized bolts to be that big of an issue, just more stuff to deal with. sorry blue boys but I might just be turning to the dark side (KTM) soon.

We had Ktms great bike but too much work to keep them running.More ride time on the WRs,much less work.Have not yet had to tow them in like the KTMs

KTM sucks bigtime.

Yamaha rules! :thinking:

If your coming off of a yzf, maybe you should take a look at the mxc or the xc. The newer dohc xcf's are suposedly totally different animals.

More ride time on the WRs,much less work.

that about summes it up for Yamaha...change the oil and keep the air filter clean and you will be riding not wrenching:thumbsup:

Kick Til Monday

around here we got 1 ktm dealer in 100 miles, so parts are next to nil or online

excellent machine though very well made, but i still got the wr

KTM sucks bigtime.

Yamaha rules! :thinking:

Now that's really helpful:rolleyes:

If you want to do alot of riding by the Yamaha. If you want to be an expert on working on bikes by the KTM. Just my two cents worth.

your right ! my sons 400mxc will suck my wr up the exhaust and still have another gear to go ,i like my wr but it dosent compare to the pumpkin in any way shape or form,oh yea his button actually works unlike mine that has had every part replaced at least twice and still wont start half the time with the button,i have 7 bikes now and have owned over 50 in my lifetime so i do have a small clue about them ,

HCG is right .On doing my tours in Baja ,what is the number one bike I have to tow in it is orange.They may work some place but in baja we ride all year not work all year on the bike NO MAS KTM

KTM knows how to sell motorcycles.

Yamaha knows how to engineer a motorcycle.

Think about it :thinking:

I guess it's a matter of perspective. Certainly, the KTM requires more loving care than the WR, the WR is a sledge hammer, just keeps pounding. However, the 450EXC is my mount of choice these days simply due to the fact that it requires so much less physical input to ride than my WR400. The WR will wear me out in a days riding, the KTM allows me to stay up past 8 PM.

I came off an 01 YZ426F with a WR flywheel and stator and now ride a 450 XCW. The 426 was a FUN bike, especially in the sand and desert. Great hit, tracked awesome at speed, but it did wear me out at the end of the day. The extra high weight made the bike a little difficult in the woods too.

The KTM does not have the hit or suspension of the YZ for the desert and is a little twitchy. In the woods, on the other hand, the suspension is awesome, steering cannot be beat, and the power is super linear and does not wear me out. GROUND CLEARANCE is something the Yamaha does not have, something like 11 inches versus the KTM's 14 inches. I don't know how many times I have seen buddies get hung up on logs and rocks that I go right over. Snow is another place where they get stuck in their tracks.

As far as maintenance I call it a wash. Yeah KTM has two filters (RFS bikes), but they cost half as much as the Yami filter. Yami uses more oil. The engineering of the KTM is definitely superior, but the Yamaha is bulletproof. Both companies make very strong reliable bikes, those that knock either have issues within themselves!

Other then the ease of a plate depending on where you live buy the WR. Ridden both and both are nice when running. KTM's are constantly breaking from small parts to large. The Jap bikes last so much longer and minimal repairs. Forget being "cool" on an orange bike and ride a bike that will last. If the KTM had the durability and life in reverse of a Jap bike then I would suggest that one.

The only KTM I would consider to replace my trusty WR would be the KTM300.

just like beejay, the only KTM i would consider is the 300, and i almost did last year until i saw the price :smirk: it was close to $9k out the door.

if i wanted bike to race enduro's i would pick the KTM, but not for the weekend warrior, they are just to much work. just like most of the European bike they need a warm bed at night and cup of hot chocolate.

i raced Ducati's for a lot of years and they are a fantastic bike but they need some care, the KTM's are the same, so don't let anyone tell you they are sh#t because they are not, they just need more TLC than the Yamaha's.

what you have to do is look at your needs in a bike then make the decision.

i ride the WR450 because they are easy to ride fast all day long, and all they need is the oil changing and air filter cleaning, which takes me about half an hour. easy. :thinking:

I love the fact that you all state that the KTM is so much more maintenance intensive and subject to frequent breakdowns yet do not cite the problems. Take every opinion you read here with a grain of salt as none of them cite evidence with their claims.

Having owned both I follow the same maintenance schedule and have had great results with both brands. There are certainly fewer moving parts on my KTM (no linkage) and I can easily adjust my valves, not to mention the KTM ran great right off the showroom floor. My deciding factor was the plate with the KTM!

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