frame gaurds.......whats the best ?

i need some opinions on the best looking frame gaurds for my 450.

Personally, I like works connections.

Carbon fiber guards look great, but not worth the de'nero. IMO

I put works connection guards on mine. They look good to me. Polish up real nice

got the yamaha version for mine.. not necessarily the prettiest, but they'll do. They have changed the accessories page recently to show more accurately what is available for the WR. Gone is the skid plate (glide plate is still there) and the plastic frame guards. A handful of new items (alum frame guards for one) are there now as well



I put works connection guards on mine. They look good to me. Polish up real nice

Ditto, just put mine on tonight!!! Very nice and light...


are the works connection yz and wr part #'s the same ?

Yeah Dan whats the scoop?

I have the Devols. Installed easily and they look Great!! There are no hang ups on my boots either. Email me for pics...........db

I just posted on frame guards a couple day ago. CLICK HERE for the posting.


are the works connection yz and wr part #'s the same ?

The frame guards are the same for the WR and YZ models... They bolt up really nice!!


My CRDs look very nice. Easy installation. Already polished. Survived to hard rides and few crashes. Don't feel them at all. No complaints....

I have Works Connection's on my 426, excellent quality, I imagine the 450 ones would be the same good fit and finish. As far as coverage goes, I still use duct tape on the frame rail above the guards, I think the plastic Acerbis, etc guards are better for coverage, just don't look as trick. :)

I came up with this idea of spraying Rhino Lining, like they do in pickup beds. I showed the guy the area where the frame guards would go, said if I masked it off he would spray it for $30.00 Do you guys that have it in your trucks think it would hold up? I think it would look cool in black or grey.

i have seen a few black rino linings in trucks that turn a whiteish gray color over how it would hold up, is a good question

Have had a rhino lining in my truck for 5 years now. Has held up very well and is not grey. :) There is a bit of prep work that would have to be done, along with careful masking. The other thing to consider is that the brand name Rhino lining stuff is rather tacky and might cause a bit of boot wear from rubbing.

But for durability i think it would do just fine.



My 426 has Applied racing guards (same company that makes the triple clamps) they are carbon fiber and covered with grip material, easy to install and look nice. They were a bit less than $90 delivered. Mike


Thats a great idea, My bed has that stuff.(not Rhino, its called something else) It had 5 mos exposier in south florida and still looks great.

I wonder if it would stick to plastic ????

That stuff may look good but does it protect your Brake lines, master cylinder? :) Not Really. If your looking for Looks only, that stuff would work great. Just wait till you scuff up the paint, then hit that surface with sand paper then spray.

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