Gorman, Rowher Flats, SoCal Riding areas??

Since we have had a lot of fires in the SoCal area I heard many places such as Rowher Flats (AKA Texans Canyon), and parts of Gorman are closed. I am gonna go riding Wednesday and break in my new bike but I don't want to show up some place to only find out it is closed. Where have people been riding lately and what parts are closed? I wanna stay w/in and hour or so of Santa Clarita due to new bike/time restrictions, etc. Any suggestions........


Rowher Flats is closed, including the back way off of Bouquet Canyon Road. No indication on when it will reopen. All of Gorman is open, no fire closures, unless they have closed any trails after the heavy snow fall a couple weeks ago(backbone trail comes to mind). Ballinger Canyon (State orv area on hwy 33 near the intersection with hwy 166 is also open.


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