XR650 vs XR400

Hey All

Long time, no see. Anyways I am still trying to get rid of my 2001 XR400 (damn thing just wont sell) to hopefully pick up a XR650R. Anyways there were some concerns I have before I pick one up that I have and hopefully you guys can clear up for me.

Will this bike be too much? I like my 400's power, the torque and bottom end power, but want more. Now I am assuming the 650 has a ton more, correct? Also, I am looking for better acceleration and speed, im sure the 650 does not slack in this department either. Wheelies...easy to do with the 650? Or is it a biyatch trying to balance such a big bike on one tire? Ummm if I think of any more questions I will throw them out, Thanks again!

Will this bike be too much?

That all depends on what you will be using it for. If you ride only the tightest of trails then it might be too much and a smaller bike is definitely better. IMHO no open class bike is your best choice for the really tight woods.

If it is a do it all trail bike that you are looking for the 650 is great. If you keep it moving the handling is great and you don't notice the weight. In most situations the handling is very similar to the 400. When things get real tight the 400 has the advantage though.

As far as power goes there is more, much more, everywhere.

Wheelies are not a problem. It is just as easy to balance as the 400 but the world is going by much faster on the BRP. :D

When you pick up the 650 grab a few extra rear tires. It rips them up as fast as you can put them on. So far that is my only complaint about this bike. But hey, you can't have everything. :)

I ride mostly trails, going down gravel roads to get to a friends farm, hill climbing, and so on. I do not ride any tight stuff, none around here really. When do you most feel the weight of this bike, and will I really be able to tell a difference between the 650 and the 400? I have heard that it handles very similar to the 400, true? What about starting the bike, is it any more difficult to start than the 400? Or is it also basically a starting routene? I have also read that this bike goes 99mph...whew, how much speed would I lose if I went up a few teeth in the back sprocket? Or is it set pretty good from the factory? Last question I can think of is uncorking the bike, how much is this cost (total estimate)? If it seems I am on a teenagers budget, I am. I just find the 400 kind of 'boring' and want something with some POWER, but do not want a 2-stroke. Thanks!

When do you feel the weight? When you've been riding 8 hours, you're 2 hours from the truck, and it starts raining. Or when you dump it in a technical section or on a hill. Rest of the time it's like riding a lazy boy with a 5.0 in it.

Gearing? Haven't moved from stock. The people that do are usually racing or adjusting to tight woods.

Starting? 2-3 kicks when you get the routine down. After a crash 5-10 kicks when you get the crash routine down. Do a forum search, some good post on this within the past few weeks, months.

Power up kit? under $200. Check out BajaDesigns.com and click on thier XR650R link. If you wiegh more than 160, you'll probably want stiffer springs. Steering Dampers are a plus if you ride high speed whoops.

As for the XR400. That's what my grandmother rides. Try selling it on cycletrader.com. You'll enjoy the move up.

A bit different bike, but the time that I really felt the weight of the Xr600 was when the ground was wet and soft. You could really fell the weight on the front wheel. It caused the front to wash out more than any other bike I have ridden before. Eventually you get use to it and do not take as many side hills in the road which cuts down the fun.

other than that, when it is dry, even the big bore bikes are great in the tight stuff! Easy to ride, comfortable and fast. Probably the biggest thing you will notice is that you will not have to shift as much as there is a broader power band.

Are you the real Fred? :):D

Seriously, my riding partner just sold his xr400r to jump onto a 650r. He has quite a lot of experience at riding honda trail bikes (XL80s, XL600R, XR400R...) and if he was posting on this forum he probably would have tell you that, with the use you wanna get it for, you can't go wrong.

I'm sorry to say it here and my partner would probably disagree but I have to: go get the WR450f!! :D :D :D

Enjoy your new ride! :D

Hi. Without a doubt, get rid of the XR400 and find a good used XR650R! With the Honda power-up kit installed, the 650R makes so much more power than the 400 that you won't even believe it! The throttle is very touchy, the acceleration is ungodly. Better hang on tight, it'll try to rip your butt off the seat, and that's not an exaggeration.

wheelies are not as easy to do...at least for an older stock xl500s/xl600..than the 400. The 400's lighter front end gives it a much more spirited riding sensation...and isn't that what its all about? :)

Hey Fred,

My two cents worth:

My main ride is a full blown Baja 1000 XR650R race bike. It is a hot rod. Take it to Baja and its a blast. Take it the woods, over a technical desert section, and it is a slow, heavy frustrating ride.

My brother rides a XR400 with a Edelbrock Quicksilver Carb, pipe opened up, airbox opened up, suspension mods. Its shocking but the XR 400 is VERY competitive compared with the BRP on everything except wide open fire roads, dry lakes, pavement, etc. IN fact over rocky uphills, heavy woops, tight single track - the XR 400 is faster.

Just as the BRP needs to be opened up, so does the XR400. At everything under 40mph, its a better ride.Wheelies are no problem on the opened up 400!

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