New mods on the way (good idea?)

Hi , first of all thanks for all the knowledge this site is giving us (noob like me) , ive been riding for the 1 year and now that im waiting for next season to start , im about to do some mod to my bike.

First you need to know im not comfortable with bikes mechanic , its my first one and its a WR450F 2004 , no mods on it except for a stabilizer and protaper handlebar.

Im giving the bike to a garage since i dont know how to install all this and im not too comfortable about playing with my engine.

I want to do jetting / fuel screw and install a yz pipe i already have ! ... but i must know , i really want that extra ''power'' but i dont want the bike to be a tuning bitch , im taking care of it but i dont want to adjust jet / throttle and things like that too often. Is it a good idea or you really must know your thing ?

Im doing all sort of riding , mostly trails and pit , and maybe some track this year but onl couple of time.

I just want to know if im not putting myself in a situation where i will regret this ? I mean im able to have help and adjust things every weekend but im not the kind of guy who can put in pieces the engine and rebuilt it. BUT im getting really good with the bike and need more power (im 6,2 / 220pounds)

Thanks alot in advance

You need to spring the suspension for your weight. At 220lbs myself I was really impressed with the impact stiffer springs made on my 04' and now my 07'.... you'll have all the power you need trust me but not being able to correctly set the rear SAG will not allow you to put all that power to the ground. After springs, if you feel you still need better suspension you can take it to a reputable suspension shop and have them revalved but start with springs, parts will run you about $200.

There's nothing you are going to do mod wise that will turn it into a "tuning bitch". And as you said, all your answers can be found here by using the search function for the forum:thumbsup:

The Jetting and exhaust are easy things to do. There is really no adjusting to do on the Jets and needles (besides moving the clip). You choose the one for your altitude and temp, drop in the needle and screw in the jet. Done.

As it is not an 07 or newer you will not have any problems. The bikes are not mechanically that difficult to work on. Besides doing the easy thinks like jetting will boost your confidence on you bike mechanic skills.

First off, I assume all the key free mods to unleash the engine are done (Grey wire, throttle stop). Next, I'd get a James Dean jet kit, follow the instructions exactly (and be sure to save them). If you must have the louder pipe on the bike, this is the time to do it, though the jetting changes between the stock pipe and the YZ one are only a main jet size difference, take five minutes max to swap.

Def. get the bike sprung and valved for your weight and where/how you ride. If you do not do the 50' jumps, you can have the suspension set up to be more compliant, making the trail rides a pleasure.

Thanks alot guys ! i know there's alot of informations on this site , but i really needed that extra ''attention'' from you , thanks ALOT for replying and helping me.

I will definetly look for springs / jet and of course fuel screw

.. Ill give you guys news when mods are done ! ill try myself with a friends


yea most of that stuff is really easy to do

when i first started modding i wasnt comfortable doing it myself so i would just have someone else that was knowedgable in the matter looking over my shoulder and now im confident enough to fix most everything on the bike plus if you do it yourself and your out on the trail by yourself and something happens you will know how to fix it

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