Just got my 450...

450th post on ThumperTalk, that is... sorry if I made you click for nothing... :)

You knew we were all going to look didn't you. You are such a TRICKSTER.

Hey, it's a slow day here for me... LOL my mind is wandering into prank mode... :):D

You got me!

You Basard

you Auzzie Bassard :)

That was a cool trick

Don't pick on the gullible people.

Bastard! :)

I feel so violated.....I may never recover.

Boy, that kind of trick makes a guy loose his erection quick :):D:D:D:D:D

Thanks for sharing THAT one with us RSA210 - in the words of zaknavage - "I may never recover"... :):D


RAT BAS*ARD :D:D:D:) ....

But just think.... There's now about 10,000 guy's who are thinking pay backs a bit*h... Wonder what they'll pull on you? :D:D


It appears you're having fun with your 450. Never saw it coming :)

OK, for the dozen or so TT members who live in Australia, come and beat me up... for the rest of you, I will now be very wary of practical jokes to be played on me... :):D


Very funny, Mr ThumperTalk Moderator! What was your home address, again? You can run, but you cannot hide. We will get you, LOL!


This is the second time you made me mad :D:D:D

Bill :)

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