08 YZ450F Engine Life

I was thinking about putting my yz450f on the street. How long will the motor hold up before it needs to be overhauled? My street riding will not be agresive. Mainly short 20 mile cruises on back roads. I wanted something else to ride besides my heavy Honda VTX1800, once in awhile. I would still change the oil and filter every 5 hours of running time.

There are guys that get 10K miles+ out of D/S'ed WRs w/o any issues and its basically the same engine.

The main issue w/ road riding one of these that I see is heat. Take steps to prevent overheating like using engine ice or reg coolant w/ water wetter, shutting it off at stop lights, gearing it tall, etc...and your engine will thank you.

With all that said an FZ6 would be a better choice for what you want to do.

Also, try getting the Boyesen Hi-flow waterpump and impeller kit w/ some engine ice:thumbsup: If you have the big $$$, get a PWR oil cooler.

Thanks for the input. I sold my DRZ400SM in September. I loved the bike but after getting my YZ450F, the Suzuki was a slug to ride. I only ride the YZ at my buddies place in upstate Pa. mabey 7 times a year, so it would be nice to have a tag for street use once in awhile. His place is 3.5 hours from my house.

Good luck getting a title. My 08 says plain as day on the statement of origin NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE. I tried to do the same thing with my 02 426. Make a long painfull story short-It still has no plate.

It can be done in Pa. I am in the auto and cycle business. I have to apply for a modified title, this changes it from ORV to MC on my title. Cost is $300.00 for paperwork and tags.

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