wr400 gear shift cracked crankcase

any one everydone this, i feel over and the shifter cracked my magnesium crankcase cover?

can this be fixed??

i searched but didn't find any results



jb weld!

Or just buy a new one.

i was hoping that was possible, is there any certain kind of jb weld to use on magnesium, and also is there any aftermarket covers out there, i'd hate to buy another oem cover and have this happen again.



just the regular one for metal, make sure you wash it VERY WELL with acetone or brake cleaner or any other nice carcinogenic chemical that cuts grease and oils since they will stop it from adhering to the metal.

I don't think there's an aftermarket cover for the left - only the clutch covers can be bought as machined and anodized aftermarket product and that's only a partial cover that goes onto an existing case cover.

I did the same thing a couple weekends ago but the crack is so big and "C" shaped that I feared that if i JB'd and did it again that it wouild break the piece of the cover off and it would get in the motor, I ordered a new one from cyclepartswarehouuse for $61 and $11 shipping. its enroute now and I cant wait, I had to ride my '95 YZ125 over the new years break, its a little squirrly on the trails and I want my WR back!!!. $72 is piece of mind for me.

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