Ok guys, I asked this on the highly competitive YZF site, but thought I would double my exposure on this one. Has there been a post in past history that details making a low budget usable Damper for these here machines?

Here's someone's chance to become famous for awhile. I will do some sniffing around of my own. Maybe some great idea will hit one of us!

I've ridden the BRP Dutch owns with,and without, the damper. It makes a big difference. Those Hondas need all the help they can get. LOL. Lucky for us Yamahas don't require a bunch of band-aids to go fast. :)

Can't you just loosen the triple clamps and tighten the nut on top of the headset? That way, it won't turn as easy or fast.

vmaxcbr900wr426, you've gotta be kidding. :)

Rich, I think he just forgot to put his ( :D ) in afterwards.

Like this:

Some of my friends like to take all the grease out of their steering head so that the bearings freeze up. It works just as good. :) (See?)

All the Aussies on this site will tell you that a bit of flour and water well mixed, wrap in aluminium foil and held in place above the header pipe for about a 1 hour ride. Doesnt seem to work as well up near the bars.


OK OK, perhaps a lame post and worthy of flaming...but that brings up the question, if I am being flamed, does that mean we have a lot of FLAMERS on this forum???

A buddy of mine always used to set his steering head bearings on the tight side for a poor mans dampener.

It was just tight enough for some drag.

I tried it and it works and it's free.

Being within spitting distance of NYC there are flamers and then there are FLAMERS. :)


We werent flaming your post we were giving vmaxcbr900wr426 a little trouble for his comment. :)

GOTTA is from Austin, he must know about FLAMERS. :)

I hope you are kidding. This will destroy your steering bearings.

Cher'o, :)

It never destroyed mine.

Its a matter of common sense. If you take a wrench and tighten it as tight as you would an axle you'll have ruined bearings. If you preload them a little bit and make sure there is grease on them your bearings will be fine.

I did it with mx bikes that had headshake problems. It wasn't a dampener but every little bit helps.

Of course I'm kidding and I was just trying to have a little fun with you guys.

Jim_Bob... that is one angle I didn't even think off... but get the jam and butter... we are eating well after the ride... I am going to invent a SnackNOW! mod for the hungry trailriders... A little oven that attaches to the header, and makes a loaf of unleavened bread while you ride, so when you stop, you have a little snack... brilliant... :D:) I will get to it right away...

Stay tuned...


When the bike is up on a stand the ring nut on the steering head should be tightened to the point where there is a little drag.Just enough to hold the forks straight and not fall to one side or the other.This will help head shake.I have been riding for 25 years and never had a problem.I thought this was common knowledge.

Good idea! I have heard old timers talk about putting cans of beans on the exhaust manifolds of trucks.

I like 4 strokes cause I can light my cigar off the header pipe easier than a 2 stroke. :)

OK, so I should go to work and just demand a raise coz I need to pay the bucks and get a real live damper, huh?

Right now I noticed my bike has some drag already on the head and it actually does not shake like my KX does. Maybe I should stop there, but I am tempted to try the homemade damper suggestion that was offered. Thanks.

I will get back at y'all if I have any success.

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