green sticker atv ride areas near hemet calif

does anyone know if it is legal to ride up to ,and around the top of thomas mountain from bautista canyon? thomas mountain overlooks anza on one side and lake hemet-garner valley on the other side, and if so where is a good parking area. Ive lived in hemet a long time, and used to ride in the riverbed, bee canyon and bautista canyon Ive driven up these roads recently in my 4x4 pickup and I see a lot of atv's and dirtbikes on these roads, I dont want to break laws or get ticketed/towed/// I have a legal atc and am buying a 4x4 atv, I see rhinos and other atvs on bee canyon all the time, I might want to link up for a group ride in this area,I just want a local place to ride if I dont have the time to go to johnson valley.any info is welcome, thanks

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