Hey Darin.....How Bout Now...Buddy Bike Upgrade...

How bout the Buddy bike so far.....







My wife say's I'm addicted to upgrades.....

Bonzai :)

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Kazi, your having too much fun :) . Keep it up though! :D


So nice of you to use the same graphics that I have. That way, when I come down and ride it, I'll think, I'm on my bike :)

You should have your stickers tommorrow or the next day.



Just a general question here...

...but when you guys post all of these pictures of your perfect looking bikes...do you actually RIDE them at all? Maybe you just dont crash at all...which I can understand...but if I were to post a picture of MY BIKE, I'd probably be thrown off of the site! LOL

Dont get me wrong...she's being cared for very much so...she just doesnt have those pretty graphics and a lack of creases/scratches in her plastic like yours...

Nice lookin' bike!


Bill, Bill, Bill,..... does your buddy know how lucky he is???

Not only does he have a bike to ride (most underprivlidged kids would love to just be able to ride) but he has a KILLER ride!!!

I dont know what else to say but.... bowdown.gifIM NOT WORTHY!!!


Appearently you didn't see the initial photos of this bike when I got it a few weeks ago. The plastic and the frame were thrashed, The engine was stained very badly by the GA clay that the previous owner failed to keep cleaned. All the bearings were trashed, the handlebars were bent and wasted, and there was No Tank graphics. Not to mention the abortion that was the carb and jetting. The only thing that was sound on the whole bike was the motor (Thanks to MXTuner for the full checkout). 1 32oz bottle of Plastic renew, a bunch of parts and about 12 hours of hard labor and it looks new again....

Bonzai :)

Bonzai, the buddy bike looks real good....does this mean you are ready for some track riding????

i need an address to come see you so you can show me your neck of the woods. then i dont have to bring my bike. i can just fly there. probably for free in my friends cessna 206

The only thing better than having a buddy bike is having a buddy with a buddy bike.

Did that come out right???

Nice scoot.


I'm gonna puke :) Huge overload of envy on my part.


What means this "Plastic Renew", hadn't heard of it. Please fill me in.

Originally posted by AZWR426:

What means this "Plastic Renew", hadn't heard of it. Please fill me in.


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You've got way too much time on your hands...

Anyway...The only change to the directions in the article you posted.

I recommend starting with a 400 grit wet sand paper and finishing up with a 1000 grit paper. It looks like new vs having some swirl marks remaining from the 400.

Bonzai :)

Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:


You've got way too much time on your hands...

Bonzai :)

Yea I know....

Im over paid and under worked.

It really sucks.... :D

Yo 'Kaze,

Check your PM's...


Bonzai, a heat gun will get rid of all that white on the fenders.........just don't hold it in the same spot too long..... :)

I'm gonna buy one if I can ever get the company I work for to get me the Expense Checks the owe me....Man 4 weeks behind, I'm gonna enjoy it when they finally get here....

So will Mark.....

Bonzai :)

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