Want to buy YZF 07 or older.Need input.

Hi everyone,

I want to update my 02 YZ426 coming spring to a newer YZ450. After some looking I saw that the 07 model would be a nice choice, mainly because of the aluminum frame, that's what you observe first when looking at it.

I also wanted to ask for some tips on what model to buy, if it's worth it to go for 07 or an older one is still ok, and stuff like this :thinking:

I'm a novice rider, don't do much tracks, mainly woods. I'm also considering buying the WR, but I'm already got used to the kickstart, so for the YZ-WR price difference maybe I get a newer YZ :smirk:

What do you think, which year model should I get, pros and cons are welcome as always.

If you are upgrading then go with aluminum frame. Also, first model year of alloy frame was 2006 not 07. It will handle and feel alot better then your current bike, for sure.

I have heard a lot of people rave about the 06 model. They say it was one of the faster years and easiest to ride. I am almost sure most will tell you to get 06 if you can but really any yz 06 and up is a great decision.

i ride an 06 and my son rides an 07,i like the 07 better,same power but it feels lighter

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