building a propane powered bike

I have been getting the itch to do something pointless and need to scratch it. I have heard about people converting their cars to run on propane. If it works on a car it must work on a bike right? I am just starting to research this so I know nothing, any input would help. A scooter gives me better room to hide the propane cylinder so I think I want to start with a cheap scooter. I was originally thinking a propane powered honda spree but I don't think a 2 stroke will work, obviously no lubrication, I don't think the oil injection will work with propane. If somebody knows better please let me know.

So to the point of the thread:

1. Does anybody have any experience with propane conversions that can give me some pointers?

2. What bike/scooter would you suggest?

3. Should I put down the pipe and find something better to do with my time?

Number 3.

find how to jet the propane, and get a propane carburetor off of a propane generator... assuming that's what they use...

jet it to the right level for your bike, and go from there...

of course, propane is clean-burning, just like natural gas and methane, so you would have to change oil on hour levels, not darkness...

Go for a Ruckus they are a 4 stroke, there are also a bunch of chinese 4 strokes.

I think the biggest issue holding you back would be lubrication. Unless... you get one of those DI scooters. They have the lube system lubing the crank, power valves and piston separately because the oil is not carried in with the gas. Otherwise I think a 4-stroke would be the best idea. Some one mentioned a Ruckus... I like that idea also.

If you go 4-stroke and lubrication is not an issue I would think matching a propane carb and jetting it would be the biggest obstacle... assuming it is an obstacle at all.

you could get the propane canister off of a forklift...those arent as wide as a gas grill canister

I have considered doing this in my free time. Here was my plan. I was going to take my 84 xr200. And fit it with a propane carb from a Briggs generator with a 20hp vangard v twin on it. With my experience in the small engine land the conversion would be easy. AS for mounting a tank i would loose the stock gas tank and build a braket to mount it were the old gas take sat with some trick fab work to make it look cool such as cutting the old take up to hide the propane tank. All i would need is a sensor in the exhaust to get the carb dialed in and you got it done.

The thing with propane is it is the opposite of gasoline. The richer your motor runs the hotter it runs the leaner the cooler. That is why i need an 02 sensor and a cylinder head temp sensor.

Propane is very easy to work with once you know the little trickes with it.

Only issue you have is you do loose some lube on the intake valve with the lack of a liquid fuel in there. And The propane carb i have is not as good as the stock one.

Thanks guys, I think I'm going to go with a 4 stroke 50cc chinese scooter. I like the idea of a forklift cannister, a regular grill cannister is too big. As for the carburetor I think I'm going to go with the stock one and work out the propane delivery problems. On the car conversions I've seen they use the stock carb, I guess I just have to get the propane to the carb and control the flow. I guess I'll jump off that bridge when i get to it. If I actually do something I'll post it.


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