Acerbis Blitz headlight question?

I have a Acerbis Blits headlight on my yz400. I have a wr flywheel and stator puttin out 130w. The headlight has 2-35w mr16 bulbs in it.

hears the question: Has anyone ever put in 50 watt bulbs in. Baja Designs said that they have tried but it melted the housing. I read in Dirt Riders 24hour of Glen helen that they were using these Blitz headlights with 50 watt bulbs in it. I called Acerbis this week and they said that it is rated to accept bulbs up to 50watts.

Has anyone ever tried this? right now I have both 35w bulbs wired together so they both are on all the time. I want to do this with the 50watt bulbs but dont want to melt the housing. Anyone else tried this.

I have the bulbs and probably gonna do it. Acerbis said that I can get replacement parts if I do Melt it. So here goes nothing ay!

Cummon I cant be the only one who has ever done this!!

well how did it work man?

I just did a little flippytumble a couple weeks ago and my stock houseing is, well... no longer with us...

I'm riding an 03wr450... what can I run for lighting...or should i say what is the damned brightest replacement I can get for under $150 and what wireing mods will i have to make to accomidate this?

I did the same thing to my oem light, I replaced it with a acerbis dhh headlight ( the ones that are side by side ) wire one light hot all the time ( just a safety thing in the woods ) & used the oem light switch to power the other light & tail light, I also wired in a stop light that works all the time. I'm pretty happy with the brightness of the stock bulbs ( 35W ) No special tools, just some connectors, strippers & crimp pliers. I like the look it gives ( A little custom) :D:) oh yea, $$90 not bad compared to the almost 200 $ for oem.

well how did it work man?

Geeze you had to dig to find this post. I did that last year. :)

I have the Blitz. It hasn't given me any trouble except! The wires that come with it SUCK! They broke off the connector. The replacments from Acerbis are outragesly priced and still suck. Go to a home lighting store and bring the bulb plug in and they should be able to find you a replacment for a lot less. I got both plugs for 1/2 the price of 1 thru acerbis.

Anyways other than the wire problem, I upgraded my (2) 35 watt bulbs to (2) 50 watt bulbs. I called Acerbis and they said that this is ok to do. It will handle the heat of the 50 watt bulbs. The stator seems to handle it just fine. It puts out like 130 watts, the stator that is.

Wireing is easy. Take one wire from each bulb, twist them together, and run them to power. Do the same with the remaining 2 wires and go to ground.

If there was a down side I would guess it is the plastic lense. It dosn't deal against the housing and gets muddy and nasty inside. I would imagine a bead of silicone would fix this.

A little OT with this reply but here goes. :D

Do any of you guys have the stock headlight/number plate from your WR? I sure could use one for my project of installing a "Blaze Glow" halogen head lamp on my YZ.

Thanks for the help :)


I have old one still , but I remember that the mounting tabs were broke , I think, that was more than a year ago. pm me with email & i'll send pic to you. :)


I p.m.ed ya with my e-mail address.

BTW if the mounting tabs are broke, can they be repalced? :)


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