Canadian WR 450's - who's got 'em?

I am suposedly first in line for a Canadian bike that suspiciously hasn't arrived yet. I trust my seller, but is it possible I'm getting the run around???

Who of you were first on your seller's list and have gotten yours? Also, has anyone who is not first on the list heard of dealers getting them in? This is friggin killing me!!!!

Thanks, Bud

I would think they have already recieved their first one because my local dealer just received their second shipment of WR's. I read somewhere on TT that Yamaha will ship all dealers one WR first and when all dealers have their first WR's then Yamaha will start sending subsequent orders.

Don't know about anywhere else in Canada but in southern Alberta we have not seen any WR's yet and very few YZF's.My dealer in town is pretty p....ed about it.

In Calgary Alberta the last I heard was that they were not seeing any WR's yet either!!!!


If anyone is interested Sports and Field in Windsor is getting a WR450F in on Tuesday and there is no deposit on it. They called me yesterday and asked if I wanted it but I already have a bike coming from Chicago Cycle.


WR450F Ordered due any day

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