New 09 YZ 450 F

Well I went with the Dr. D pipe because I couldn't find one negative comment on it. I also got the lowering kit for the radiators(You have to use the pipe for this mod). I will break it in at NEMX this Saturday, Hopefully. Also got a fuel screw,and a holeshot device. I think I'm set for the first half of the year.

I just got back from NEMX tonight and I would say that Yamaha 450 flat out beats my Honda. I thought it turned real well, clutch is butter smooth. and I thought the stock power was great. It reved better than my Honda for sure! The stock exhaust sounds very tinny and blown out. I haven't got the Dr. D pipe or anything. Just rode it stock, set the sag at 103 and rode slow for half the night. By the end of the night I was doing every thing! doubles, triple and tabletops. I was very pleased. And I thought it turned really well with the stock tires. Bike felt nimble and light. Fuel injection HAHA. I like the carb.

You know what though, it does seem to be a hard bike to start, hot or cold. Any tricks guys?

It will get better.... Mine was hell to start when it was new. I don't now what your weather is like but it seems to be a little lean down low which makes for hard starting. I went to a bigger pilot. You could probly get away with opening up the fuel screw and givin it a few real good wacks of the throttle before trying to start it. That should help a little!!

I've had great luck with 1 or 2 kick starts doing:

cold: choke on, 5 squirts of throttle, 5 slow top-to-bottom strokes of the kickstarter, no gas, one good kick. Fire!

hot: hot start, absolutely no throttle, one or two quick kicks. Fire.

You know what though, it does seem to be a hard bike to start, hot or cold. Any tricks guys?

greg, i to own a 08 yz 450, stock muffler sucks!! put the fmf factory 4.1 and it really woke the bike up, ajustable fuel screw is a must, the bike is sesitive to tempature change, good luck.

My new 08 started on the 3rd kick in 10 degree weather, never ran before that.

Choke on, 3 blips and no throttle thereafter, snaaaaap to life. By the way the DR D system in great and no need for any carb mods on this thing. Just a tiny adjustment to the fuel screw. Don't even waste your money on an extended screw, a tiny screwdriver is all you need and it won't fall out of your carb on raceday.

The stock grips have to go and thats about it.

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