WR450 erratic shifting??

Broke in the new WR yesterday. A couple of hours into the ride, shifting it didn't feel as smooth as when I first got on it. A couple of times coming to a stop I noticed it felt like it was in neutral and upon inspection, the shifter was stuck down. Tapping it with my boot would cause it to spring back to it's center position. I only put 17 miles on it and decided to call it a day when it did it a third time. I will change the oil and filter before I take it out again. Anyone seen this issue on the new WR's (or any of the Yami's, for that matter??) Thanks.

Hey, you got your bike. COOL. I must be the only person on ThumperTalk that doesn't have his bike...

Every Yamaha I've owned was a bit notchy at first. Never had the shifter stick??? Maybe after an oil change and clutch adjustment it will return to normal. Lets hope.

I would not sweat it yet. Change the oil, check the screen and filter. I bet there is a lot of junk in there. It should be changed at about 20 miles anyway. Keep us posted. I thought you were going KTM? Good choice :) ---Mike

Woops i thought you said erotic

has extreme gotten any bikes in yet adam ? when i priced one there last june, the salesman told me 2 of them they were getting were going to guys that work there.

Extreme is telling me that next week my 450, and a 250, will be arriving. I think my salesman is buying the 250. Yamaha just announced 3.9% APR. He was waiting for the CRF250 but said the low interest rate and availabilty steered him to blue.

Hey your not the only one waiting.............

I think I get mine thursday :):D :D

Cool, We were both looking at what bike to buy, and We made the same decision. You know, after you get it you still think "did I make the right decision?" We will know in a few months! I have not ridden mine yet. I decided to change the jets, first, because of the woodruff thing (backfire problem) I heard about, re-spring (cause I'm a fat 230# guy) , and change the plastic before I ride it first. All stuff should get here Thursday, then going to the track Saturday. Will let you know if I have any problems. BTW took it apart today, found the grease in the linkage to look OK. Did not check the Triple clamp bearing grease yet. Changed the main jet to a 160, thought I bought a 48 jet, but when I took a good look, IT WAS a 45. That's what I get for having 47 year old eyes, and now I have a 45 that came in the bike and a back-up in case that one goes bad. :) Had to order a 72 starter jet.


This is a follow-up regarding the erratic shifting issue I was having with my new WR450. Picked up the bike from the shop today and it shifts like a dream now! There was some sort of guide for the shift mechanism that was mis-adjusted from the factory. They pulled off the right side cover and made the adjustment. Works like a champ now. I love this bike!

Cool beans! Glad to hear it was a minor deal. ---Mike

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