Rear wheel won't freewheel

I may be completely over analyzing my problem, but for some reason my rear wheel won't freewheel. I have replaced the hub (I had one of the defective 2006 hubs that the bearing pockets wore out on) I've put all new bearings in the hub, I have a new chain and sprockets but it still is a bear to push around compared to other bikes. Just wondering what everyone thought. Thanks guys

Have you isolated the problem to the rear wheel or the tranny? Does the wheel spin freely with the chain off? I had a similar problem on my 07 KX250F. It turned out to be a bronze bushing under 3rd gear had shifted to one side and would bind causing a lot of drag. My rear wheel would spin like it was in gear when running on the stand!

Well when it's on the stand in neutral it spins a tad. I just had the cases split by my mechanic when I had my bottom end replaced, who is more than competent of doing a small job like that. But this problem was there before tearing the engine apart. I can spin the countershaft sprocket with my hand with the chain off but the rear wheel still kind of drags. I also can spread the brake pads and pressure wash my rear wheel and it takes more force now to spin the wheel with the pads spread now than it did with the pads pressed when the bike was 6 months old. I don't think the tranny is the problem. Could it be my axle and the inner sleve that goes Inbetween the bearings in the hub?

With the chain off, and the brakes backed out, loosen the rear axle. If this frees the wheel, your problem may be that your inner bearing spacer (between the two bearings) is too short, or one of your bearings is not fully seated in its pocket. If either of these conditions exist, tightening the axle can cause the inner races to be pushed inward, off center from the the outers, causing excessive side loading and drag within the bearings.

If you can spin the countershaft freely by hand then the problem is not in the tranny. I think grayracer has the right idea.

Gray, the bearings are pressed all the way to the bearing spacer. Is there a spacer that goes between the swingarm and the wheel spacers beside the ones that are bolted to the inside of the swingarm?

If it turns hard with the brakes spread and the chain off, and your bearings are pressed in all the way, then it sounds like the center spacer in the hub has been crushed and now it is too short as Gray suggested.

Gray, the bearings are pressed all the way to the bearing spacer. Is there a spacer that goes between the swingarm and the wheel spacers beside the ones that are bolted to the inside of the swingarm?
No. Does loosening the axle free things up?

It does help a little bit by loosening the axle. I think that you were right about the bearing spacer being pressed to short. I may order a new one and see how that works. Thanks again, and I'll be sure to let ya know how that works

Just wondering though, when the bearings are pressed in, should the spacer be tight between the bearings almost to where it doesn't move. That's how mine is.

Yes, the bearings should be tight against the center spacer. That part sounds normal.

If the hub wasn't there, you'd have the bearings, the 3 spacers, and the brake anchor all stacked up on the axle. When the axle is tight, none of this moves or rotates, except, of course, the outer bearing races, which should be totally free.

If your wheel doesn't even run free with the axle loosened, or gets significantly tighter when you tighten the axle, the only other thing I can think of without looking at the wheel is that one or both of the bearings may not be seated squarely (the axle should slide easily through from one bearing to the other), or one end of the center spacer is crushed at an angle.

In any case, if it drags with nothing but the bearings connected to it, the bearings are the only place the problem can be.

Bearing are brand new, and the axle goes through with no problem. Nothing moves except for the outer bearing races. My dad and I rechecked everything this morning and I can loosen and tighten the axle nut and the wheel still spins the same both ways. I guess I needed an outside opinion about the spinning. Could the axle and bearing spacer simply be worn out by the old hub allowing the bearings to spin in the hub.

The bearings would have to spin on the axle to wear the axle or spacer. If the axle was worn or bent, you could see it.

Well I did have defective hub. And the bearings did spin on it, so when I get home i'll tear it down and see what the axle looks like.

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