Procircut T4 and the WR426

I recently got my new Canadian WR426. It came with a lame stock muffler. Its different that the US models, it doesnt have a plug in it and its welded shut.(Its not even a spark arrestor). On my 98 WR400 I actually like the stocker but on the Canadian model you really need to upgrade. I decided to buy the Procircut T4. I saw the Procircut race van at a desert race this weekend and said what the heck I'll get it. The thing is CRAZY loud!!! But it boosts the power in every way!!! It simply makes the bike scream. I would'nt recommend it for dualsporting but as a race pipe its awsome. The bike feels like I have the YZ timing (my 98 has WR timing). Have we REALLY decided that the 426 has WR timing? (yes I've read the posts on this but im not convinced yet). Dan

I had read some time ago that Super Hunky said the 01wr426 had yz timing.

I stand corrected. Mx- tuner, on another wr page says both of the 01 wr's he set up had retarded wr ex cam timing.

I am pulling mine down tonight to see what a difference the yz timing will make. Bill

SFO, Cool! Let us know what you find. Dan

"Power seems a little brighter, but not crazy."

SFO, Thanks for the update. At least we know for sure now. I am curious to see how the bike will do on the trail, the bikes hit hard as it is, but I also invite the option to have her come alive even more than it does. Please keep us posted... Thanks, Dan

Did the timing last night.

The 01wr426 still has wr cam timing.

I changed it from 13 pins between marks to 12.

Power seems a little brighter, but not crazy.



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