Or digital thermometer. Call it whatever you like, it would be a good way to monitor engine health. Just mount the sensor somewhere on the header. The model TM1210-K has a range up to 575 degrees F. Unit is small enough to mount next to the odometer and has its own battery.

Could be a life saver on colder days or elevation changes. Or experimenting with different jettings.

If you plan on putting that in the header pipe, I think you may burn it up. I had an Autometer EGT for my bracket racer and I used to jet the carb to keep the exhaust temp. close to 1400 deg.

OUCH! I was afraid of that. I wasn’t planning on drilling into the header, but even if it were on the surface it would fry the sensor! Perhaps if the sensor were placed more towards the muffler?

I’m still waiting to get a price on it. I like the fact that it’s so small and self powered.

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