2008 to 2009 rear wheel bearing?

Im helping a friend out who just got a 09 yz450f, he has some rad hubs which have the 25mm ID rear wheel bearings, ive bored out the shoulder on the rad hub spacers as they were a 25mm OD on the shoulder to fit in the bearing so now the axle rides directly on the rear wheel bearing, i called up Rad and they said its ok. Im just 2nd guessing myself will it be OK for the axle to ride on the bearing i beleive the OEM hubs are the same, ive looked into getting bearing replacements all i found is 28MM ID x 52MM OD x 12MM thick, the current bearings are 15mm thick but the Rad hub doesnt currently have a outer hub seal they just use the spacer that covers the entire bearing. I dont think that the 12MM width would affect the reliability that much, what do you think. I also interprete that the reason they used the 25 mm ID bearings is there is more of a selection, theres not much of a selection for 28MM ID bearings.

The stock wheel bearings ride directly on the axle; there's no reason the RAD ones shouldn't. As far as bearing width goes, that usually indicates larger or smaller balls. Smaller balls would ostensibly wear more quickly, but given the same OD, and a larger ID, one would guess there would be more balls in the cartridge (e.g. 8 instead of 7), which would balance out the area lost by the smaller size.

As always thanks Grayracer!

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