Upcoming decision between WR250 and WR450

Thanks Math,

My plans for dual sport were to eventually do occasional, local Euro-type rallies or to drive short on-road distances -- no more than a few miles on secondary roads -- to get to an off-road location. I don't envision myself driving on an interstate or other expressways or going on trips -- although it's not something I could say would never happen. So, although I totally agree with what you're saying, it may never apply to my circumstances in the way you described.

How much on-road do you do that you need the 450 -- what ballpark percentage mix of your riding is on/off??

Having said what I just said about my own on-road expectations -- does it alter your opinion on the choice I should make.


Hey JL... Good Morning,

As far as I know, the smallest 4-stroke KTM is the 450 EXC, which is stated as 260 lbs dry -- or 15 more than the WR450. I've read many positive things about the 450 EXC, but also that its rear suspension is not nearly as good as YAM's. Honestly, though, I know very little about the KTM's -- beyond the fact that they're excellent bikes -- as are YAMs. However, given the extra $$$$$s and lbs of the 450 EXC, I'm not going to seriously consider one (I'll be getting a very good deal on either of the WRs that is far below the KTM price.)

Huseberg -- I know absolutely nothing about.


This is my every day vehicle rain or not... I go to work with it, visit my friends around with it...

I've never plan road trips with this bike tough as it is really not made for that.

The rest is offroad riding sometimes after work and on the weekends.

If you just want to be street legal to go from one trail to another, I'd say that the 250 is plenty enough...

Just my 0.02

Thanks Math.

The "tally" thus far (including your input) is 4 for the 450, 7 for the 250, and 1 "it depends."


The "tally" thus far (including your input) is 4 for the 450, 7 for the 250, and 1 "it depends."

I would consider the 02' WR426FP as well.

I must.....I must! :)

You are down to deciding and NONE of us can do that for you. Period.

Link up with a ride on each, preferably from this Board and ones that are set up and broke in.

Splitting hairs now, get the bikes in your environment, trails etc and spend enough time in the saddle to get 1/2 comfortable and then everything will come in to focus.

Too much too little power, weight, no big deal, I like ????? will be set.

TTrs in the area will square you away....but you need to ride one of each now...been where you are toooo many times!



yamsman - I think its all being said the choice is yours but lets face it which ever you choose they are both damn good bikes and you will have top class fun - let us know how you get on and enjoy :)

Thanks again r1superstar and Hawaii-Rider,

I just posted the following message in the WR250 forum -- where I had also previously posted my original question -- and wanted to also post it here:


Thanks jt911, Mike L., thelendingpro, wrracer, and 5150_rider,

You five guys came down as 1 for the WR450, 3 definitely for the WR250, and 5150_rider as (I asssume) an endorsement of the WR250 -- seeing as how he owns one. So, let's say 4 to 1 for the WR250.

For the record, yesterday I also posted the same question in the WR450 forum, and received thoughtful opinions from 12 different individuals -- and they split 4 for the WT450, 7 for the WR250, and 1 "it depends..."

In all -- 17 individuals, 5 for the WR450, 11 for the WR250, and the 1 "it depends..." About 2 to 1 for the WR250.

Based on all the superb input I received -- this afternoon I put a deposit on the WR250, which is scheduled for delivery later this month (still time to reconsider...)

It's not that I went with the voting -- but, rather, given my own abilities and intentions, the WR250 agruments just seemed sounder to me.



HEY Hawaii-Rider,

I hear what you're saying about "try before you buy" -- but I felt I had to put a money down on the WR250 NOW so as to not lose it to another buyer. Like I said, it won't arrive for about 3 weeks -- and the dealer is definitely going to get a sale from me. So, I can ultimately reconsider -- but at this point (and your 250 argument was STRONG) I feel REAL comfortable with going with the WR250.



yamsman - good choice, stick with it you won't be sorry I wasn't and I don't think you will :)

In all -- 17 individuals, 5 for the WR450, 11 for the WR250, and the 1 "it depends..." About 2 to 1 for the WR250.

Based on all the superb input I received -- this afternoon I put a deposit on the WR250, which is scheduled for delivery later this month (still time to reconsider...)

Congrats!! Keep us posted...............db

I can't vouch for 250 vs 450 but I might be able to help. I would say go with the 250 for sure. I used to ride a kdx 220 and still being fairly new to the sport I thought if I get a bigger bike I'll be faster. I went out and bought a gas gas 300. While the motor is fun its very tiring and hard to control. I dont know about you but I dont like riding at 1/4 throttle all the time. A smaller bike will let you use more of its power.

I've ridden a yz250f and a piped, yz timed wr250f and they both absolutely rip. Unless you need the lights or really need the wide ratio transmission I would get the yzf instead.


You'll be very happy with the WR250. I only rode one once and was very impressed with it. It reminded me of my brothers XR250 (don't flame me here guys). I could ride it more aggressively at higher rpms in lower gears than my 426 will allow on tighter trails. I'm sure I could go faster/longer in the woods on it than my bike. I don't think it would make as an effective MX bike as the 426. I ride woods and MX/SX about 50/50.

I'm not voting for one over the other. Ask yourself what do you expect out of your new bike and where do you expect to do most of your riding or racing.

Above all, have fun with the new bike.

And, if you can't make up your mind, buy one of each (then call me or any TT member and we'll gladly be your ride partner for the day on either of the bikes).


I wish you the best with your new bride ahhhhhhh ride !!! :)

Send us your impressions when you get it.

Sorry "yamsman",

I just re-read your original post. I must have missed the part where you stated you were a "newbie". Given this fact, I would definately recommend the WR250. Sorry for the confusion.................db

I skimmed most of the messages and didn't see what I think are two main points to consider. I have a 400 and a 250.

I'm near your size (5'10, 190).

1) What do your friends ride? When I'm riding Dual Sports or fire roads with my buddies, it's hard to keep up and I have to work, shifting a lot more on the 250. They all ride 400's or larger. I love the 250 by myself or riding all tight stuff. If I only had one bike, I would choose my 400.

2) Vermont will tag BUT NOT TITLE a 250, so it means it's much more difficult to get a tag transfer in your own state. I did the vermont thing with my 400 and it was a piece of cake. But it looks almost impossible with the 250.

Just dropping in on this thread, and I'm not as green as my posting count suggests (I changed handles because my old one quit working here at my office for some reason), but I think JL is on to something.

The whole time I'm reading this hearing the arguments for and against the 250 or the WR450, I'm thinking to myself, "Sounds like something in between would be just perfect". Like the EXC 450.

More grunt than the WR250 but much smoother and controllable than the WR 450. Not to throw a monkey wrench in the works, but you might want to consider it.

Hey mikem,

Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I haven't followed this thread for serveral days.

The friend I'll be riding with rides an XR200R -- which he likes because of its low seat height and controlled power -- as he's about 5'6" and 140 lbs. We'll be riding just for fun, primarily on trails and unused land adjacent to Philadelphia International Airport. Then, occasionally, we'll drive an hour or two N. and N.W. of the city -- to other more mountainous areas much more suited to trail riding -- one nice one costing $10 per rider per day.

I think I've given up on the Vermont tag thing -- as 1) the displacement must be (I think) over 300c, and 2) I've read at TT that Vermont clamped-down, as is no longer registering out-of-state bikes since this past June.

I'm buying my WR250F from a dealer in WV -- and I'm wondering if I can get a tag in that state. But I guess I'd have to reside in WV in order to have the bike tagged there. I really don't know how it works...

Take Care, yamsman

Hi KRobWR250,

I thought about an EXC 450 -- but its spec. 260 dry weight versus the spec. 229 dry weight of the WR250 kept me from seriously considering it. If I wanted a larger bike -- I'd have gotten the WR450 at spec. 245 dry.

BTW, I think you should check out the WR450 -- and double those strokes.


The more you ride the more torque you will want. The design weight of the WR250 is 156lbs. You are too big for it! Your dealer is right... You can tone down the 450 if you want to. Just leave in the stock exhaust. But I bet it won't be long before you will have it out and luving that 450...

Just remember. As a wise old trail rider once said, " there is no replacement for displacement." Buy the WR450F and be done with it.

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