Upcoming decision between WR250 and WR450

The more you ride the more torque you will want. The design weight of the WR250 is 156lbs. You are too big for it! Your dealer is right... You can tone down the 450 if you want to. Just leave in the stock exhaust. But I bet it won't be long before you will have it out and luving that 450...

Hey Alabama, where did you get that "design weight" info? My weight is right at about 156 and I had to respring my WR250F lighter (per Race Tech recommendations).

Have you ridden a 250F or even a 426 or 450F (broke yours in yet?)? I could have bad info, But I've heard that even a 426 doesn't have the grunt (torque) of that XR650 you are getting rid of. Don't get me wrong, I think you made a good move going to the smaller displacement 450F. But, I'm thinking it was not for displacement or torque improvement.


River, Bamy used the same matrix as the ultimate VOR/WR450 shoot out he composed a couple weeks back. Engineer speak..... :)

On 02/22/03 I got a YZ250F instead of the WR250F that I had on order. Seems Yamaha didn't deliver the WR -- but the dealer received two YZs that same week. After a couple days of furious fact-finding, consultation, and deliberation I decided not to wait on the WR -- a decision that I'm totally comfortable with now. I haven't been able to ride yet due to all the snow -- but I've just received an Ironman 13T front/50T rear with a Regina O-Ring chain, have a PMB spark arrestor and silencer insert on the way, and apparently have a long wait for an E-Line CF skid plate or CDR skid plate as well as the CDR rad guards. (Anyone know of an available first-rate CF skid plate for the '03 YZ ?)

I bought the YZ from MARTINSBURG MOTORSPORTS in Martinsburg, WV -- owned and operated by Larry Presgraves -- and can only say good things about him. His price on both the WR and YZ was about $700-900 below prices here in the Philadelphia, PA area (where I live) and hundreds less than the next lowest price of the dozen or so other dealers I contacted in DE, MD, and VA. If you live within a couple hundred miles of Martinsburg, WV (located about 70 miles west of Baltimore, MD) and are able and willing to travel for a bike, then this is the place to go. It's hard for me to imagine that you can beat his price anywhere.

I'm also considering the Scotts Stabilizer Triple Clamp Combo which includes the 1 1/8" Pro Taper bars (high or low -- I'm looking for ADVICE here.) Going ONLY to the 1 1/8" Pro Tapers at this time requires at least about $150 for the bars and Aluminum Pro Taper Universal Handlebar Mounts (Yamaha # ABA-4XL75-40-00, $70) -- which has the side-effect of raising the bars by 19mm. On the other hand, the Scotts Combo sells for $599 and includes the stabilizer, triple clamp, all mounting hardware, along with the 1 1/8" Pro tapers. Buying the $430 Scotts Bolt-On Kit (stabilizer and all mounting hardware) and $189 Scotts triple Clamp at a LATER date -- total $619 -- is $170 more than the additional $449 I'd have to spend now for the Combo (Whew... I hope that's clear to everyone...)

Still, some here at TT have said that the YZ250F is so-o-o stable that the Scotts isn't really necessary. ANY OPINIONS ON THIS SUBJECT ARE MOST WELCOME...

So, as soon as this weather breaks, I going out to break-in this beautiful YZ250F. I feel certain that it's going to be a great trail bike. Also, I again want to thank all the guys here a TT for all their advice and encouraging words when I was initially trying to decide which yamaha to get.

PLEASE POST ANY RESPONSES TO THIS IN THE YZ250F FORUM -- Where I'm also going to post this entire note.


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