Power Up Kit

Last year I bought a 2002 XR 650 and left it stock and over the winter I have decided to get Honda's power up kit. Now I know it'll be louder but how loud will my bike be? Should I be looking to get a new exhaust as well (maybe the FMF Q) to quiet the bike down, or are others just complaining when they talk of the bikes new growl?

What state you in? This is important since the Republik of Kalifornia just issue a 94 dbl laws.

Hi. Installing the Honda Power-up Kit is the best thing you can do for you XR! Make sure the needle is set to the 3rd position if you use the 175 main jet. DON'T put in the 4th position like some of the magazines say! The kit says to use the 3rd position, so do it! The power is more potent this way, and you won't have problems on the low end with richness. I know from experience..

Now, for the noise. The bike will be considerably louder, but not offensively so. If you don't live in California, by all means, use the 40mm tip and enjoy. Any effort to silence the bike further will require a smaller main jet, and therefore, less power output. To enjoy your XR650R as it should be, install the kit exactly as shown in the instructions. For even more power, spread over a broader powerband, consider a Complete aftermarket system, which will include headers, as well as a different silencer, which, by the way, will most likely be offensively loud.

Hope this helps!


By all means you need to do the power up on the bike, doing this without the exhaust change is almost pointless. XR650r.net has some great info on this. I installed the big gun race series which is a little bit on the loud side so I bougt the quiet series insert ($40) They say it keeps the bike at 94db. Very happy with it. I have never measured it however. Openening up the exhaust is mandatory! Personally I don't think it matters what Pipe you put on, You can save some money and drill out the center core of the stock pipe which works just fine also. Again not sure how loud this is, probably +/- 97db, again never measured.

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