control arm bearing removal?

I have a 06yz450f- trying to replace the swingarm bearings. I got them all out but the ones that are in the control arm. Is there a trick to getting these out? I used a vice to press out all other bearings.:thinking:

Same thing, but by control arm, do you mean the relay arm or the connecting rod - relay arm is the L shaped thing with two bearings in 2 separate holes, on that one, there is a ridge in each hole and it's a one way fit (has to go out the way it went in - you can't push it through from where it came in - so find out which side has the ridge and push from there)

Same goes for the Connecting rod (U shaped part), except to do that one, you can't just press it out the way it went in because there's one on each end of the long hole and you can't fit a socket.

So you mount it in the vise by the long shaft where both bearings are, pointing one opening up, the other down, get a 3/8th extension set it through from the top to catch the inner edge of the lower bearing race, heat the con. rod around that bearing and hammer on the extension moving it around circular on the edge of the race - it will just pop out when/if you've heated the Con. rod enough.

Always Use heat on the outer shell to remove any bearing it's just so much easier and avoids cracking the case/part.

Always freeze new bearings and heat the part it installs into to make your life easy and speed up the process.

^^^yep. He's right. i always put it in the oven at about 200*. this will help the bearing come out much easier.

I also do the same thing when reinstalling. put your piece in the oven, and bearings in the freezer. Makes it much much easier. Get your gloves out. youll need em':thumbsup:

if the wife won't let you use the oven, the BBQ works great for cases, my swingarm parts just get heated with the propane torch for bearing replacement.

Also when removing using the normal socket procedure, I usually set it all up, put a bit of preload on the sockets, heat the part and you'll hear a good pop and shudder of the vise when it's ready, then just crank your vise and it'll slide out like warm butter. You can't do that using the 3/8 extension way, but if you've heated parts before you'll have a good idea of how much heat you'll need.

In heating aluminum, it's a good idea to keep the temperature below 250˚F to avoid weakening the part. With an oven or gas grill equipped with a thermometer, that's easy. If using a torch or something, spit or drip water on the part as it heats. When it sizzles and boils of quickly, you're getting close. When the water bounces off, stop.

Thanks for the advise. I was refering to the connecting rod- U shaped piece. I tried to press out the bearing from either side without success. Looking at the manual again I would guess that the bearing has to be pulled or hammered out not pressed thru. the middle of the connecting rod is thinner than the outsides where the bearing races are.

I went ahead and ordered a new connecting rod but I will try the heat thing tonight to see if I can get the bearings out so I have a spare part.

I use a 1/2" threaded rod and sockets and washers and make a press out of all of this stuff. Takes a while, but it will get them out. Be sure to grease the threads when you do this or it will gall the threads.

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