Sound Test Results - Baja Designs Insert

Just yesterday I got my WR450 tested for sound by the FS up at Stonyford CA.

The Stock Silencer with the Baja Designs insert baffle tip produced a 94.2 dB reading using the same test RPM settings as the 02 WR426. The official test RPM settings for the 03 WR450 are not out yet, but are expected to be published in a month or so.

Those of you out there looking for a reasonably priced resolution to the CA sound issue for any WR450/250F should contact Baja Designs and get one of these. Its way cheaper than a new FMF Q Pipe and the performance seems very good.

The local FS OHV Ranger is now recommending these for the new Yamahas and they will pass every time.

Rainman :)

a hundred bucks for a baffle.....

ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

I wanted to go riding last week end and my home made baja baffle was in my WR450 which was at Steahly Off Road getting the fly wheel weight thing done. So being CHEAP like I am I made another one for my WR 400..... First off , I sawed off the back end of the stock baffle, peeled out the packing from inside then I clamped the whole thing into the vise. Next with a 1 inch hole saw I cut out the front end of the baffle leaving me a black ring abour 1 3/4 inches in diameter with the attaching nut still attached to the tab... Next I again used the hole saw on the second black ring and cut away that little 3/8 inch pipe and threw all that crap in the trash, all but the 2 black rings. Next I cut a piece of 1 inch tubing about 6 or 7 inches long and then I welded those to the black rings at about the same spacing as the original choker baffle.. Last but not least I cut a 45 degree cut out of the pipe on the front end of the pipe and made a turn down tip and then welded that. AND presto/change one home made baffle at no cost that put out 93 or 94 decibles. I was tested last summer with my original one at 93 db.


A $100 is reasonable? I'm with XR600R on this one...OUCH! You would think they could make this thing for around $50.

Try Thumper Racing. I bought one for my XR400R, same as vortex from Baja Design, and cost $79.00

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