06 WR450F Oil...

Hey guys.

I live in Australia and i am riding in 30 to 37 degree heat most of the time.

Went to get some oil yesterday and this guy gave me BelRay Thumper 20-50w semi synthetic..............Do you guys think this oil will be ok or should i take it back seeing the reccomendation is a 10-40w?


mobil 1 15-50

Used it lots, works fine :thinking:

The 20/50 will actually be better for that type of heat.

i used that in my quad for 3 years until i traded it for a wr450. i used that oil for a few changes and noticed my clutch would slip a bit(adjusted correctly) so i switched to shell rotella 5w40 synthetic and i'm not looking back! especially when the belray is $9 a quart and the rotella is $18 a gallon...you do the math!

Regarding 10w40 vs. 20w-50 only, the temp range you are talking about (30˚- 37˚C) is equal to 86˚- 98˚F. In that range, either of those oil grades will work. 10w-40 is recommended for -10˚- 42˚C, and 20w-50 for from 5˚- 50˚C. I rarely ride in temperatures above 38˚C (100˚F), so technically, I never need a 20w-50 at all, but I usually use one for the three or 4 hottest months of the year anyway, when the temps are consistently over 32˚C (90˚F).

In general, a lighter oil flows better, and the oiling system works best when the rate of oil delivery and the volume delivered are higher, not when the oil itself is thicker. 40 wt is really quite adequate for a YZ450, even at 38˚C, but at that high a temperature, a 50wt flows well, and does give a little extra cushion to the ball bearings and transmission.

Ok thanks heaps hey. Its just my mechanic and th guys at the shop who are tossers anyway are like FULLY SYNTHETIC NOT SEMI SYNTHETIC.......I dont Semi will harm it for a few rides...Ill use it and go onto something else after or something?

My range of oil around here is Yamalube, Belray and Motul......Belray is the cheapest followed by Yamalube and Motul is a bit more

Shell dont hake a 10-40w here

15-50 mobil 1 in 20 dirt bikes over 10 years no problems at all.

I would use the Bel-Ray or the Motul before the YamaLube. In fact, I'd use a straight 40wt before I used YamaLube.

"Semi-synthetic" in and of itself doesn't mean the oil isn't good to use any more than "synthetic" automatically makes it good (or bad). By itself, the terms mean fairly little. I know of a few syn-blends that are among the best oils you can get.

84 VF700C mobil 1 - beat the hell out of

85 V-max mobil 1 - beat the living S#@T out of

86 cbr1000 mobil 1 - romped on

85 VF110c mobil 1 - romped on

another 85 V-max mobil 1 - beat the holly S&%T out off

03 V-max mobil 1 - Romped on more than once

06 XB12X mobil 1 - take outstanding care care of

06 WR450 mobil 1 - " "

06 Lexus mobil 1 - " "

97 4x4 F-150... 213000 miles. Same trans / engine / diff - " "

bikes get 15w50

cars get 5w40

AZ in January will get down to 30's, summer time, 120+.

I ride in the aussie heat as well and have been using Motul 5100 15/50 for the last 6 years in my WR's and have never opened one up. You can buy it in 4L for $45 too! (MC mart Syd)

Yeh...Aussie...everything in Perth is more...Its like 69 here!

Ill give the Belray a go....I havnt seen Mobil bike oil here yet guys..

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