1st oil change, need advice

I own a 2002 wr 426 in which I will be doing my first oil change on it this weekend. I plan on removing the oil filter screen as well, and was wondering if anyone knows what amount of oil to put back in with oil filter replacement, and screen cleaning. The owners manual lists a total amount of 1.59qt, and a oil filter replacement change at 1.48qt. Any advice or tips on changing the oil would also be greatly appreciated. I have 90 miles on the bike, and was wondering anyones advice if I have to many miles or not enough for first oil change.


when you remove the main frame downtube drain plug, PREPARE FOR A GUSHER!! :)

I use a funnel to catch and direct the oil to my drain pan below.

Remove the large screen from the main frame downtube (I believe you are aware of this already).

If you can get your hands on a magnetic drain plug, do it and install it!!

Be sure you put the oil filter in correctly.

BE PREPARED TO SEE METAL SHAVINGS. This IS normal for at least 3 oil changes...

Originally posted by NH Kevin:

If you can get your hands on a magnetic drain plug, do it and install it!!

I know this is straying from the subject a bit, but if you do get a aluminum plug,TORQUE IT! Dont guess at it.

You are about right at 90 mi. The mag plugs from Zip-Ty Racing seem about the best (strongest). I found a good bit of crud on my first change wanted to stay up in the frame after I pulled out the frame screen-be sure to check it! Get and use a torque wrench and you won't be singing the I can't believe I stripped my cases with the drain plug song-Good Luck, Mark PS I didn't find it necessary to change all the O-rings you will disturb in the change process.

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