Help With Graphic Installation

After one scary attempt, I'm needing a little advice on installing the rear right side panel (muffler side) number graphic on my 03 WR 450. I got the left side on fine.

I was installing using a heatgun and soapy water, but I just couldn't get the wrinkles worked out of it. They were way to big to pop and work down.

It did not come with factory relief cuts. Should they be made and if so, where. A diagram or specific instruction with location, length and tapered width on cut would be great.


Soak the backside of the background with windex or soapy water, soak the plastic with windex or soapy water as well, apply the background to the plastic - it should slip slide around easily, line up one screw hole, using a heatgun on high from approximately 1-1.5 feet away to get the whole graphic softer - work from the middle to that lined up hole - adhering this area first, now work across the majority of the panel to any other screw holes or air holes using your hands to push/align the graphic so the outer edges are all spaced evenly and pull/push/manipulate the graphic to get everything aligned properly. Use a credit card wrapped in a layer of paper towel (avoids scratching) to force the liquids to the outer edges - you will need to do this several times - by the time you are done, it should have absolutely no air bubbles - the liquid pretty much assures this.

Doesn't matter how much soapy water you use - the more the better and it does not affect how it sticks as a final product - I prefer windex over soap.

I already tried all of that as my first post implied. A heat gun and soapy water doesn't take out a 3 inch wrinkle. I've tried. :thumbsup:

Anyone else have ideas

that is how you do it. and if you have a 3 inch wrincle that you can't get out. use more windex. but that is the only way that i know of to put on graphics short of just sticking them on like a sticker. never turns out like planed tho,

use pure mr clean , i have put on firebirds with pure mr clean .

and the graphics on my 03 wr 450 with no wrinkles and they were for a yz not a wr .

best to test fit them first and make minor modifications .

pure mr clean on the plastic and pure my clean on the graphic and just work it all out .

If you reread my first word, you would not have this problem....the word was....SOAK! :thumbsup::lol:

AND I think I used that word twice - for the graphic and the plastic - that should give you and indication that a light coat of moisture isn't going to cut it. :p:moon:

And if you got a 3" wrinkle, you did not adhere (no pun) to my instructions - with doing it the way I described, there is NO chance of any wrinkles at all since you are working from the middle out.

Lastly - I think I touched on the liquid part again, stating I liked windex better than soap - I didn't just say that for kicks and giggles, there's a reason - soap water can be very concentrated or not concentrated at all (depends on who mixed it), windex tends to be the same every time you use it so you aren't going to make the mistake of not adding enough soap to your water.

HEAT and more HEAT... I know you said you tried that but this is not an easy one. I have done it successfully many times and while I have used a soapy substance I have never soaked them but the fact remains you will get those one or two spots with kinks or wrinkles and they have to be worked out with heat... actually reforming the graphic with heat and squegee..

It's not easy thats for sure:foul:

I think if its already on and you still have the wrinkle you are going to have to live with it now that the soap has dried you won't get any movement on the graphics.

I dont know if this will help you mate as mines an 08, but my side panal background came with a cut in it, you can just about see where it is on the 'e' of the silkolene.........


But as said, if its already on with the wrinkle in it then theres not much you can do now apart from cut it with a blade and try to make it look a bit better.

the right side panel area is a PITA, needs a lot of time and soakage

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