mirror finish on my header pipe...IMPRESSIVE!!

Tonight at work I brought in my Power Bomb header along w/ the stock headpipe. I am hoping to get our welder to tack on some nuts for my stock heat shield.


I bead blasted both head pipes then stuck 'em under a buffing wheel on the bench grinder. Everyone that saw the before and after were VERY IMPRESSED.

I could brush my teeth in the finish. It is nothing short of a mirror!!

Unfortunately, I don't brush my teeth!! :) I let the dental chick do it at my annual dentist visit. Hey, I want her to WORK for my money!! :D


You still puttin' lipstick on that pig? ...... :)


Hey Mike, She IS NOT a pig!! She is a pretty lady! :)

Well, lets see the pictures already!

Bonzai :)

Kev, Let's see the pi.., I mean your pretty lady!!!!! I tried some "Mothers" polish on the head pipe with no luck. I would like to see what yours looks like..

Dan :)

next you guys are gonna be puttin chrome on the ole pigs :):D

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Chrooooooooooooome!

It's good to see you guys haven't lost your sense of humor.


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