WR exhaust on YZ426F

Would it be possible to use WR exhaust on YZ426F -00 from time to time to reduce noise level when needed on trails? If so, do I need to change jetting, cam timing or something else to get things right...?


I second the pmb. I passed a 96 db on my 01 426

Thanks for info about end cap.

I was already bidding on ebay about WR exhaust and now I won that auction...

...so I got used -03 WR exhaust (muffler part only) and installed it on my YZ426F -00. Gasket that was installed on WR exhaust was too thick and it didn't fit to my old header, but with gasket from my original YZ exhaust it fitted perfectly. Only minor modification to aft mounting hole on WR muffler was needed it it runs quite good with old jetting too...


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