New WR426

Hey all,

Long time lurker. First post. This board was crucial in my decision to go blue. Anyway picked up a new leftover 2002 Friday and after 2 days riding I've put 78 miles on her. Changed the oil and filter, checked screen at 30 miles. Managed to tweek the right radiator today along with my backside in a jump gone wrong on the trail. Been 15 years since riding a bike, I loved my 85 YZ490. Been on an atv for about 7 months. Its just not the same. Anyway the only real complaint I have is missing 2nd gear. Seems to be a big gap there that if I don't concentrate hard on this shift, I manage to pop it into neutral. Good or bad I usually dont use the clutch while moving. Does work better If I do clutch it. Will a little wear on the tranny smooth this out? TIA

Sounds like you may need to adjust the height of your shift lever. I have no problems with mine. Clutch or not, either way is okay.

I had the same problem when I got back on two wheels. You just have to learn that the throw of the shifter is a little more from 1st to 2nd than the rest of the gears. After hitting neutral 10 or 15 times in the first enduro I ran, I made sure to practice making a posiive shift from 1st thru neutral into second. Now I rarely miss a gear.

BTW you don't need the clutch,most of the time.

BTW you don't need the clutch,most of the time.

Wow, are you serious? I'm rarely racing my bike but shifting without the clutch seems a little bit risky for let's say the mid term durability of your transmission...??... :)

The tranny will loosen up w/ use. I shift w/ out clutch frequently and it is very smooth, especially down shift. Only missed 2nd once that I recall. May need shifter adjustmt.

Good Luck :)

If I raise mine anymore it hits the plastic chain guard. Should I just lose the guard? I see quite a few people without it but what about when it's on it's side in the mud? Will the guard save anything or is it just for people that don't have boots and just shoelaces?

I dont see the plastic chain guard saving anything other than perhaps the rare stick or something from the trail getting into the works. It would keep a finger or toe or shoe laces out. But anyone silly enough to pose those oppurtunities deserve the consequences. :) IMO. I'm removing mine, acutally in very short time on the bike, while traveling extreme mud the guard acts as a hold up for the mud and it does not come out. OFF WITH IT.

Right on I will leave mine off! I have to take it off everytime I ride in mudd anyways to get it clean!

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