anyone hitting the Unadilla Pro MX this weekend??

very loosely thinking about IS a hike from NH... :)

I'll be on the other side of the country for Washougal, one day I'll make it to Unadilla, it looks like a super track!

NH Kev,

If you \go give us an update on how the race went.

Ricky is not human, someone needs to challenge him, as no one is even close to his speed. Maybe we need a Tonya Harding type take out off the track, or perhaps he should ride a 125 in the 250 class to even things out.

I think I'll be there on Sunday! I'll get lots of digitals and post them!

It may be a dream.... but I HOPE that Ferry can at least give RC some competition.

This is one race that I would really like to see live.....maybe soon. Until, then TV...

I went to kenworthys here in Ohio on Sunday. It was my first time seeing a pro national live. It was awesome.

Until you see the top pro's actually ride @ trackside, you CANNOT imagine the speed these guys go.

The camera's (ESPN2) track w/ them, therefore you cannot see their relative speed.

Yes the speed is unbeleivable when you see it live. I cannot believe how fast those guys go. It gave me chills.

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