Proper breakin for WR450F

My WR450F will be here Friday. I am planning a tough 26 mile single track ride on Saturday. Is it a good idea to break in a new WR450 on a ride this tough?

I see you decided to buy the WR. I did also. By your signature it looks like you still inviting controversy? I even defended you because we were on the WR thread looking for the same information. Looks to me like you just like the excitement of the fight. JMHO! Good luck with the new bike. :)


BTW, bought it in Macon. Closer to you than me. $5986 out the door! :)

Hey Alabama,

I must say there has been a bit of "spirited chat" concerning your posts. Glad to see you picked the WR, was some of your frustration related to the extended wait, as mine was? There is a paragraph of info re break-in in the manual. Initially mine seemed to run exceedingly hot, but has improved with a little time on it.the wr s are jetted very lean(see mult. post on sight) and run hot, so i would not do break in on long hard ride. You are going to love the bike though

My WR450F will be here Friday. I am planning a tough 26 mile single track ride on Saturday. Is it a good idea to break in a new WR450 on a ride this tough?

Do like I did.... Do some hot laps around the block a few times then..... rip it up on the trail......

I'm surprised someone as involved in bikes as you are would have to ask a question regarding breaking them in.

The proper break in procedure is covered very well in the manual. In fact, I just got my bike back on Friday with new rings and a rebuilt head. I asked the very experience racing performance mechanic how I should break it in. He said "just like the manual says".

Based on that, I would not hesitate to run it through a "tough 26 mile single track ride" on the same day or even one of our typical 40-60 mile single track rides or even an 85+ mile enduro. These are racing bikes.

In case you've not seen one of the Yamaha user's manuals yet, they are excellent and provide very detailed info on all aspects of operation, maintenace and repair. I pretty much live by it.


why dont you ask some fellow engineers?

why dont you ask some fellow engineers?

or just trust the Yamaha engineers... :)

I do. :D

The important mater is to make sure you are not with synthetic oil on breakin. I'm with motoman...

John, You hit the nail right on the head. Yes the frustration came from the on-again, off-again delivery of the WR450, and then having 2 WR's sold out from under me... Some dealers learned they could get more for their first WR's and thus, you know what happenned. My original dealer found this WR for me, but it is in Miss. I will have to go get it Friday. $5889 + tax.. 3.9% APR.. The other local dealer wanted $6780.... His is still sitting on the floor.

MotoRod, stay tuned, after my first ride on the WR450, I will change my PIC to a WR.

Isn't that picture under your signature a XR650R, not the XR650L you have listed?

I'm not going to post my thoughts on break in proceedures. I R and Ingineer and don't want to catch any crap.

1st !!! Check that jetting. They come LEAN because of the EPA. Mine is run great Main# 160 Pilot # 50 Fuel screw at Stock 1 3/4 turn out. Do the free mod's. I raced it once already at the pass weekend SETRA Enduro in S.C.. Ran great, will get to make a few change's this coming weekend ride. Hope your coming to the Enduro of SERA in Hattiesburg, MS. on the Feb. 19. That's my club should be a good place to get the race bugs worked out.

Rickey, I heard the manual calls for 95 octane. What are you running? I hope to make Hattiesburg, if I can get set up in time....

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