Asterisk Knee Protection -- $500 total

If anyone's interested -- mxraceraz in the CRF450R forum provided the website where one can purchase the Asterisk knee protection braces for $500 a pair, including tax and shipping. That's at least $50 less than other dealers.

I'll be ordering mine tomorrow...

Nice and all but I thought asterik had a policy against dealers discounting their product?

I suppose you are generally right about dealers not discounting the Asterisks -- as I always see them advertised at $549.95.

But several at TT have apparently bought them for $500 -- with no tax or shipping -- from


I also bought mine here in Idaho for $500.


Can you provide a web address or name and phone number??

Thanks, yamsman

well, forget the other stories.. i want the $380 story.. how did you work that? used? sponsored? ya gotta tell us...please! :)

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